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Rotary kiln common problems

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  First, run raw materials

  For a certain raw material feeding amount, the amount of coal used is less, the heat consumption control is lower, the calcination temperature is not enough; the ring or a large amount of kiln skin is slumped, the amount of incoming material suddenly increases, and the operator does not know or pay attention, use The coal volume and kiln speed are not adjusted or judged in time; the coal used in the decomposition furnace is too small, the decomposition rate of raw materials into the kiln is low, the coal used in the kiln is large, but the ventilation in the kiln is not good, and the temperature of the firing zone cannot be lifted. Rotary kiln production runs in a low range, causing frequent collapse of the preheater system.

  Second, the kiln head tempered

  The opening of the cooling machine exhaust fan valve is too large; the clinker cooling fan fails or the material layer is too dense, the resistance is too large, resulting in a decrease in the cooling air volume; the ash hole in the kiln tail, the observation hole suddenly open, and the system suction force is reduced.

  Third, the kiln tail and pre-decomposition system temperature is high

  The ventilation in the rotary kiln equipment is not good; the supply is insufficient or the incoming material is not uniform; the temperature of the system is increased due to the blockage of the cyclone; the temperature of the firing zone is too low, and the pulverized coal is post-combusted.

  Fourth, the cooler exhaust gas temperature is too high

  The running speed of the cooling plate is too fast, and the clinker enters the middle or the rear of the cooling machine without sufficient cooling; the cooling air volume of the clinker is insufficient, the temperature of the clinker of the cooling machine is high, and the temperature of the exhaust gas naturally rises.

  Fifth, the firing zone temperature is too high

  The amount of coal used is not reduced in time; the wind in the burner is too large, causing the flame to be too short, the high temperature belt is too concentrated; the secondary air temperature is too high, the black fire head is short, and the fire point is moved forward.

  Sixth, the secondary air temperature is too low

  The nozzle extends, the flame is longer, and there is a certain length of cooling zone in the kiln; the air volume of the high pressure fan of the cooling machine is too large; the clinker on the raft is unevenly distributed, and the cooling wind is short-circuited, which does not cool.

  Seven, burned with material over burned

  Too much coal, the firing temperature is too high; the raw material is not well homogenized, the chemical composition fluctuates too much or the raw material fineness is too fine, so that the material is too easy to be sintered; when the kiln ash is directly into the kiln, the instantaneous incorporation ratio is too large. .

  Eight, kiln mouth ring

  The secondary air temperature is high for a long time, the burning speed of pulverized coal is too fast, the flame is too concentrated; the temperature of the firing zone is too high, the material is over-fired; the clinker particles are too fine, the powder is more, and the opening of the high-pressure fan of the cooling machine is high. Too large, a large amount of powder is returned to the rotary kiln.

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