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Screw conveyor equipment principle and its main advantages

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  The principle of the screw conveyor:

  Screw conveyors are continuous conveying machines without flexible traction members. According to the form of conveying, the screw conveyor is divided into two categories: horizontal screw conveyor and vertical screw conveyor. Some of its types are often used as feeding equipment, metering equipment, mixing equipment, drying equipment, kernel separation equipment, discharge equipment, and continuous pressure equipment.

  The main advantages of the screw conveyor:

  1The structure is simple, compact, and the cross-sectional size is small, which can be used when other conveying equipment cannot be installed or where the operation is difficult;

  2 reliable work, easy to repair, low cost, only half of the bucket elevator;

  3 The machine slot can be fully enclosed, which can realize closed transportation to reduce the pollution of materials to the environment, and is particularly suitable for conveying large dust materials;

  4 When feeding, it can feed more than one point, and can also discharge at multiple points, so the process arrangement is flexible;

  5 The conveying direction of the material is reversible, and one conveyor can transport materials in two directions at the same time, that is, the collection is transported to the center or away from the center;

  6 In the material transportation, mixing, stirring, loosening, heating and cooling processes can also be carried out at the same time.

  The main disadvantages of the screw conveyor: in the process of conveying materials, due to friction with the machine slot, the spiral body and the stirring between the materials, the transmission power consumption is large, and at the same time, the material has a certain crushing effect; especially it It has strong wear effect on the groove and spiral blade; it is sensitive to overload, and needs uniform feeding, and should be started without load, otherwise it will easily cause blockage; it is not suitable to transport materials containing long fibers and impurities.

  The screw conveyor is used for the transportation of powdery, granular and small-sized loose materials with low friction; in the conveying process, it is mainly used for horizontal transportation (usually below 30m) or small inclination. Inclined transport, a few cases are also used for large dip and vertical transport.

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