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How to repair the ball bearing reducer bearing seat?

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  First, on-site repair of the ball mill reducer bearing seat wear process in the company's focus on the repair thickness requirements?

  After long-term practice, Sole carbon nano-polymer materials have no strict requirements on bearing wear repair and bearing seat wear repair single-sided thickness, and the maximum repair thickness can reach 30mm. This feature is significantly better than the traditional repair welding machine repair process, brush plating process, cold welding process and thermal spray process. How to ensure the concentricity, roundness and basic size of the repair? For the repair of the bearing chamber, a scraping repair process is generally adopted, and in particular, a machining repair process is adopted. The repairing principle of the scraping repair process is to use the bearing gland stopper and the bearing chamber mating surface as the repairing reference, and the final dimensional requirements are achieved through multiple scraping. As shown below:

  What is the effect after the repair? All the facts come from the practice of verification, our materials and targeted repair process can achieve 100% mating surface between the repair surface and the bearing, while restoring the interference dimension of the original design of the shaft, so it can guarantee better Under the condition that the bearing lubrication is properly maintained and the bearing is not ablated, its service life can reach or exceed the service life of the new component. Second, on-site repair ball mill reducer bearing seat wear case show Zaozhuang a company ball mill reducer bearing seat wear, bearing model 23144, wear one side more than ten wire, spindle speed 740 rev / min, power 1100KW, on-site two-time repair process Repair it and fix it for 8 hours. On-site repair of ball mill reducer bearing seat wear steps 1. Disassemble the bearing seat to expose the wear parts, clean the surface oil; 2. Use the gas torch to remove the surface; 3. Polish the area to be repaired with a sander, and Do a proper deepening treatment, clean with anhydrous ethanol, the surface after treatment is required to be clean, dry, solid and rough; 4. Reconcile the Sole SD7101H material to a uniform colorless; 5. Apply Sorley carbon nano-polymer material along the benchmark The surface is smoothed with a straight ruler; 6. The material is ground after curing; 7. The outer ring of the bearing is coated with Sole SD7000 release agent, and dried; 8. The Sole SD7101H material is re-coated, reapplied, the shaft and the bearing seat are installed, and the cable is fastened. The material is cured and repaired. Scene picture of wear repair of ball mill reducer housing


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