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K-type reciprocating feeder main features

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  K-type reciprocating feeder product overview:

  K-type reciprocating feeder is a linear reciprocating motion on the roller by dragging the bottom plate inclined down by 5° by the crank-link mechanism, so as to remove coal or other loose-grained, loose-grained, powdery material with little viscous property. The feeding device is evenly discharged into the receiving device.

  K-type reciprocating feeder is suitable for bulk material transportation in mines, mines, coal preparation plants, medium stations, coal handling workshops, port bulk terminals, etc., and can transfer the bulk materials through the silo or directly to the belt conveyor or Other screening equipment, storage devices, etc. are used together. Achieve uniformity of bulk materials such as ore, sand coal, grain, etc.

  Feeding. The machine body is installed under the hopper, the transmission is suspended, according to the size of the feeding amount can be divided into: K1, K2, K3, K4 and other models.



  Main features of K-type reciprocating feeder:

  1. Reliable work and long life.

  2. Light weight, small size and convenient maintenance.

  3. Simple structure, reliable operation, convenient adjustment and installation.

  4. Closed frame structure, greatly improving the rigidity of the frame.

  5. Install a finite moment type fluid coupling, which can start at full load and protect against overload.

  6. The maximum feeding amount can reach 1200 tons/hour (coal), which is the largest reciprocating feeder in China.

  7. It adopts advanced planar double enveloping toroidal mast reducer design with large carrying capacity and high transmission efficiency.

  8. The gap between the side lining plate, the inclined lining plate and the bottom plate is adjustable, which can control the size of the remaining seam more accurately and greatly reduce the leakage.

  9. The driving device is symmetrically arranged, and adopts double push rods to balance the love of the whole machine, and the transmission is stable, which eliminates the phenomenon of twisting and pendulum when the bottom plate reciprocates.

  The bottom plate has vertical ribs and is supported by three long-length rollers, which ensures the rigidity of the bottom plate itself and eliminates the disadvantages of bending deformation during the operation of the existing reciprocating feeder bottom plate.

  11. The lining plate is made of small pieces of wear-resistant steel plate, which is not only light and easy to replace, but also can replace the worn lining block according to the actual wear condition, so that the material can be rationally utilized and the maintenance cost can be reduced.



  K-type reciprocating feeder works:

  The K-type reciprocating feeder is composed of a frame, a bottom plate (feeding trough) transmission platform, a funnel gate, a roller and the like. The transmission principle: when the motor is started, the inclined bottom plate is linearly reciprocated by the elastic coupling, the speed reducer, the crank and the slewing mechanism, and the coal is evenly discharged to the transportation machinery or other screening equipment. The machine is equipped with a funnel, with adjustable valve and without funnel, without regulating valve.

  Schematic diagram of K-type reciprocating feeder installation:



  2. When adjusting the gate, the feeding amount is controlled by the regulating gate.

  3. Generally, it is an ordinary motor, voltage 380V, ZQ type reducer. If there are special requirements, please specify when ordering, such as 660 voltage motor, explosion-proof motor, other types of reducer.

  1. The reciprocating feeder is fixedly installed under the storage bin. Before installation, the horizontal position needs to be determined. The frame and the port are bolted, and then the drive platform is placed in the correct position. H-frame With the frame, the drive platform is welded firmly, the reducer and the motor are installed correctly, adjusted properly, and fastened with bolts.

  2. After installation, an empty load test is required. During operation, check whether the work of each component is normal. The maximum temperature rise of the rolling bearing should not exceed 60 °C.

  3. When adjusting the productivity according to the discharge request, pull out the pin of the crank part, loosen the nut, and rotate the position of the crank case “1, 2, 3, 4” to fix the pin, insert the pin, and connect the crank with the crank and the crank case. , tighten the pin and nut, and then drive after adjustment.

  Customer Ordering Information:

  1. When signing the contract, please specify the model specification, what kind of motor is equipped, whether it has a funnel and a regulating gate.

  2. Random technical documents: product certificate, packing list, product instruction manual.

  K-type reciprocating feeder daily maintenance and maintenance:

  1. Before the feeder is operated, the coal bin should be stored with sufficient amount of raw coal to avoid direct impact on the bottom plate (for the coal plate) when loading coal into the warehouse.

  2. After continuous work every month, check whether the parts are loose or not. If there is any abnormality, it should be repaired immediately.

  3. The bottom plate of the feeder that is in direct contact with the coal must be repaired or replaced if the thickness is worn more than one-half of the original thickness.

  4. After the rotating parts are in operation for six months, they need to be inspected once. The parts of the rod parts must be properly matched. If there is any abnormality, repair or replace them immediately.

  5. Maintenance of main components:

  a, reducer: check every six months, at the same time clean the rolling bearings and cabinets or replace the lubricant.

  b. Motor: According to the maintenance and maintenance requirements specified by the motor.

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