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Technological conditions and requirements for roller mill gr

  1. Uniform feeding.

  In other words, continuous uniform feeding should be carried out along the whole length of the stick. Otherwise, local wear will occur on the surface of the roller skin, resulting in annular grooves and ridges, and uneven tensile strength of the broken product

  2. The starting distance of the stick should be appropriate, and the starting distance of the roller should not be too big or too small, otherwise the crushing ratio will be too small or the rolling machine will choke.

  3. The best choice for crushing materials with different degrees of drawing is to use the right thickness with different diameters, as shown in the table

  4. The structure of the roller crusher determines that the crushing ratio is impossible to be very large. When corundum is broken, it is generally 3-4.

  5. For corundum crushing, the diameter of the stick shall be l-2 times larger than the length to ensure the strength and rigidity of the equipment.

  6, stick speed should not be too high.

  High rotation speed will not only increase the power consumption, but also accelerate the wear of the roller shell.

  7, roll shell should choose high hardness wear-resisting materials, such as high manganese steel and high carbon steel.

  8, the roller machine safety device should use high strength spring, in fact, hard corundum boring broken, the spring has lost the insurance role, in the equipment strength and rigidity enough conditions, can cancel the spring, use other safety device, such as overload steel or hydraulic device.

  This can improve work efficiency, and uniform discharge, powder less.

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