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The impact of the roller on the cement industry

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  A, before

  The roller mill is the most used raw material crushing equipment in the brick and tile industry, and also the oldest crushing machinery. Now, the roller mill after continuous development and innovation, its family members have been quite rich, almost as long as there is a brick and tile factory, you can see the shadow of the roller mill.

  The official name for the ROLL mill should be "ROLL CRUSHER", or "ROLL CRUSHER", which means "ROLL CRUSHER" in English.

  Generally speaking, it relies on the friction effect produced by the rotation of two rollers, which brings the material into the crevice between the two rollers and is crushed by continuous extrusion.

  It is widely used in chemical mines, coal mines, steel mills and ceramic factories. Of course, brick and tile factories are the most commonly used places for roller mills. It is mainly used for crushing materials with medium hardness, such as bauxite, phosphate ore, zircon, clay, shale, coal gangue and so on.

  The biggest advantage of the roller machine is simple structure, easy to manufacture, its power consumption is small, but the output is high.

  For materials with water content over 25%, the roller can also be handled "easily", which is unmatched by many other crushing equipment.

  It is these reasons, the roller machine is so favored by the brick factory.

  Two, on the roll machine family

  There is a huge family of rollers, "brothers and sisters" a lot.

  You see, composed of smooth roller, called "smooth roller to roller machine", on the smooth roller with concave and convex groove, called "groove to roller machine", if the tooth, then known as "tooth roller machine", and these "teeth" and there are sharp teeth, flat teeth, plate teeth, teeth can be replaced, spiral teeth...

  And so on points, and of course there is a "spiral tooth roller", "can change tooth tooth roller", "groove tooth roller" and so on various titles, there is a spiral groove tooth roller machine, is specially used to pick out the raw materials in the stone, it is called "stone roller.

  Not only that, the naming and classification of roller machine has a lot of fresh things, for example, the roller of roller mill linear velocity more than 16 m/s, known as the "high speed of roll machine", use the special materials such as high chrome drum, called "wear-resisting of roller machine, used for fine grinding of raw material is known as" finely to roll machine ", the blades are installed on a drum, known as the "cutting roller machine", or "planing tool type of roller machine", the two roller speed, called the "differential of roller machine".

  Of course, there are "strong roller machine", "adjustable universal series of roller machine", "wear-resisting narrow roller roller machine", "three roller plane knife type roller machine" and so on, it is too much, it is too numerous to mention.

  Three, the development of the roller

  In the production practice, continuous improvement and improvement of the roller, new varieties and models constantly appeared, greatly enriched the processing means of brick raw materials.

  It is worth saying that there is a brother on the roller called "roller press", this looks like a machine on the roller, in fact, in addition to the structure is similar, the principle of crushing is completely different.

  In our brick industry, many people know about the roller, but few people know about the roller press, but in the cement production industry, roller press is already a standard crushing equipment.

  If the characteristics of the roller machine is "high speed", and the characteristics of the roller press is just the opposite, its speed is only 1/10 of the roller machine or less, the roller machine pay attention to the gap between the two rollers, the smaller the gap, the finer the crushing raw materials, of course, the lower the output;

  And roller press just right, on the other hand, roller press a wide gap between the two rollers, generally above 15 mm, some even up to 30 ~ 40 mm, because the roller press USES is "broken material bed" principle for crushing the raw materials, low speed, high pressure and large clearance are the three major characteristics of roller press, thus has high yield, less wear and broken the advantage of high quality.

  It is for this reason that we have been trying to introduce the roller press into the brick and tile industry, and have made some substantial publicity and promotion work. Unfortunately, little effect has been achieved so far.

  I would also like to say a few more words about the roller press. One of the reasons for the high price of the roller press is that this kind of equipment is huge, the minimum output is more than 150 tons/hour (and broken limestone), it is not hard to imagine that the high price is for a reason.

  In the early 1990s, the science and technology commission of guizhou province and the building materials bureau of guizhou province approved a project to study a small roller press suitable for small cement plants and the brick and tile industry, with the purpose of promoting this kind of energy-saving and high-yield equipment to the brick and tile industry.

  This roller press is suitable for crushing limestone, cement clinker, sandstone, hard shale, coal gangue, bauxite, phosphate rock and other materials, and retains the advantages of the roller, the adaptability of the water range is wide, up to 20 ~ 30%, with high output, low power consumption, the advantages of small wear.

  Small roller press is good, is not sold, the reason is still the price is still on the high side, because this small roller press in that year's selling price reached 600,000 to 700,000 yuan, most of the brick factory is still difficult to accept, seriously affecting its promotion and application.

  With the present vision to analyze, in those days the size of the brick factory is more than 60 million pieces of annual output is very few, but now has been everywhere, coal gangue, shale has been widely used, in the past and now compared with can no longer with the Japanese language, that is not the roller press spring?

  I think yes, because now a diameter of 1000 mm on the roller machine price has exceeded 600,000 yuan, compared to the roller press is already cheap, through our publicity and promotion, roller press will play its due role in the brick industry.

  Correct use of the roller

     1. Step by step crushing

  Compared with the striking crushing equipment, the biggest disadvantage of the roller crushing machine is that the "crushing ratio" is relatively small, and the product particle size changes with the gap wear of the roller, and the crushing effect of the material with the thin sheet structure is poor.

  In order to make full use of the advantages of high output, low power consumption and wide adaptability to water, it is necessary to reasonably arrange and use the roller matching machine to understand these disadvantages of the roller matching machine.

  Therefore, the most important thing for the roller crushing machine is the method of step by step crushing. For example, the crushing treatment of most shale materials should go through at least three processes of "coarse crushing -- medium crushing -- fine crushing". The idea that only one roller crushing machine can solve the problem is naive.

  A brick factory in shandong province have a profound understanding and the summary, the company adopts four narrow roller type high speed finely to roller machine, slag of generally considered difficult to handle, and then used for mixing the to mud in the sintered hollow brick production, broken slag quantity of 35 ~ 40 tons per hour, fineness to 2 millimeter, crushing effect is very ideal.

  In the same case, if the hammer crusher program, not only to increase the screening equipment, but also to increase the power consumption of more than 40%, and the hammer head, sieve plate and vibration screen wear is much larger than the roller.

  Therefore, torch company has tasted the sweetness from the practice of using the roller mill. Over the past more than 20 years, the roller mill has been used consistently and produced good economic benefits.

  Now, the company's own manufacture of narrow roll high-speed fine roller pairs have been sold throughout the country.

  2, regular grinding

  On the surface of the roller machine is easy to wear, often worn out of the groove, the gap between the two rollers become larger, so that the crushing effect.

  So on the roller machine broken material fineness is a sine wave state changes, when the roller is a new (or just after grinding), minimum two roll gap, crushing the fineness of the finest, production for a period of time after grinding groove, two roller clearance, raw material granularity coarsens, such a change from fine to coarse process of change is the phenomenon of roller machine broken material.

  Therefore, the work we should do is to minimize the change value from fine to coarse, the crushing particle size as far as possible to control within the scope of the production process, so as to ensure the quality of products.

  To achieve this goal, the only way is to continue to grinding the surface of the roller (fill), so that the two rollers to maintain a smooth and a certain gap between the roller, so as to ensure the fineness of raw materials crushing.

  It is clear to everyone, why say the grinding of the roller machine is a "regular, institutionalized" work, if you do not repair the surface of the roller in time, the crushing effect of the roller machine will be greatly reduced, or even useless.

  But, to be honest with you, it is a contradiction in fact that constant and repeated grinding not only takes time but also shortens the life of the rollers.

  Therefore, the Chinese building materials and equipment corporation has been dedicated to the study with high chromium alloy cast iron to replace the ordinary materials roller ring, prolong the service life of the roller, and reduce the workload of grinding, good results have been achieved, but high chromium roller ring material not only expensive, but processing difficulties, nature is not cheap, although good, but the promotion effect is not ideal, it seems, there is no perfect things, each have advantages and disadvantages, to weigh yourself.

  3. Reasonable selection of raw materials

  In addition, not all of the raw materials can be used for crushing the roller machine to, such as hardness large shale or raw materials such as coal gangue, breaking up is more difficult, for the partial flat shape (thin sheets) of the material, the roller machine broken effect is not ideal, the reason is that the gap between the two roll to roll machine will keep flaky materials "leak", lower the crushing effect.

  If the above raw materials, should choose to hit the crushing equipment, such as hammer crusher, cage crusher and impact crusher and so on.

  4. Strengthen management

  According to the raw materials of our factory, the correct use of the roller machine, in order to give full play to the excellent performance of the roller machine, to achieve the purpose of stable and high yield.

  There is a new shale brick factory in our province, using the "three roll two mix" production process, the factory director has been complaining about his bad use of the roller machine, the appearance of the brick blank is very rough, the strength is not high, which is obviously caused by the crushing particle size is too coarse.

  After analysis, the problem is still caused by poor management. Due to poor management, the surface of the roller has worn out deep grooves and is still in use.

  After finding out the reason, the factory immediately strengthened the management, and worked out the measures and requirements for regular grinding of the roller, and the quality improved greatly.

  V. conclusion

  It should be admitted that compared with foreign advanced countries, China's overall level of the roller is still very low, not only rough processing, but also poor material, quality of the roller variety is difficult to find, which is our brick machinery manufacturing industry overall level is not high.

  In foreign countries, the roller mill is the absolute main crushing equipment, long life, high precision, it is worth our learning and reference.

  In China, the research on the roller is not enough, and the development is slow, so many years, we expect the good roller has not appeared, a few years ago, a company introduced foreign advanced technology and roll circle, manufacturing a diameter of 1200 mm large roller, with a good head, let us have some comfort.

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