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The influence of the separator on the output of the mill

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  Mill equipped with powder separator production, known as closed cycle system.

  The function of the mill is: the mill powder to a certain size of fine powder separation into qualified products, coarse powder to return to the mill for re-grinding;

  And can prevent the fine powder in the grinding adhesion caused by the buffering effect, improve the grinding efficiency of the mill, adjust the composition of particles, prevent the phenomenon of non-uniform fine powder, so the powder separator can ensure the quality of grinding, improve the output of the mill.

  The comprehensive performance of the separator depends on: first, the efficiency of powder selection;

  The second is the percentage of 3 ~ 30 m particles separated from the finished product, because the particles in this interval are the best part of the strength of the cement.

  The efficiency of powder selection directly affects the output of the mill.

  Low milling efficiency will choke mill output, too high milling efficiency, 30 ~ 80 m particles in the finished product occupies a large proportion, reducing the specific surface area of cement, cement strength.

  Therefore, too high and too low powder selection efficiency is not our ideal index.

  Cyclic load refers to the ratio of the amount of coarse powder to the amount of finished product.

  Because the installation of the mill mill mill (closed circuit) requirements of the end of the mill can be thick and thin of the mixed powder, do not need all qualified before the mill.

  Therefore, the amount of materials into the mill is increased, and the amount of materials circulating in the mill is also greatly increased.

  The fine powder adheres to the abrasive body in the mill, which reduces the buffering effect and increases the output of the mill.

  Thus it can be seen that the cycle load rate is in direct proportion to the output of the mill when the grinding capacity of the mill permits, but it is in inverse proportion to the efficiency of powder selection.

  In the same case, if increase the mill cycle load, the mill output will increase.

  However, the larger cycle load rate will make the selection of powder efficiency decline, a lot of qualified products can not be selected, back to the grinding cycle, grinding machine when the output will not increase.

  This contradiction raises a new problem: to improve the performance of the separator.

  At present, the separator has three generations of products.

  The third generation of O-Sepa powder concentrator as a representative of the efficient powder separator: this separator USES a new classification principle, namely centrifugal classification, breaking through the first generation and the second generation of powder separator classification model, so that the grading area of the grading strength has been greatly improved;

  With the improvement of grading strength, the separator has the characteristics of high efficiency and high grading strength.

  However, this kind of highly efficient separator does not have a fine powder collecting device on its body. When working, the system must be equipped with a large-scale dust collecting equipment which is equivalent to the amount of air handled by the separator. If it is used for technical transformation, a large space area should be provided.

  It is understood that the performance of this kind of separator has greater advantages, but, due to the complexity of its system, large area of land and large investment and other reasons, in a certain extent, it affects the promotion and application.

  The second generation is a cyclone separator, on this basis, improved into a rotor type, its main characteristics are: external with an independent circulation fan, instead of the centrifugal separator of the wind blade;

  Around the body is equipped with 6 ~ 8 cyclone tube, used to collect fine powder, made by centrifugal mode cycle change to outer loop, the internal structure of cyclone classifier, still keep the structure characteristics of centrifugal classifier: namely on the principle of classification and centrifugal classifier is consistent, belongs to the grade of gravity, just separate classifier classification and collection process, makes the cyclone classifier is better than that of centrifugal classifier: one, the main shaft of the rotor revolutions and circulation air volume can be regulated respectively, easy to adjust the fineness of already, also enlarged the fineness of the adjusting range;

  Two, the use of cyclone tube, improve the collection rate of fine powder.

  Therefore, the cyclone separator reduces the circulation of fine powder and improves the efficiency of powder selection.

  The efficiency of the cyclone separator is 45 ~ 65%.

  The first generation is the centrifugal separator, due to the early production age, from the common type improved to efficient.

  Its main characteristics are: the circulation fan and the fine powder collection cyclone combined in a single system, therefore, also known as the inner circulation separator.

  Its main defect is: cycle load rate is high 300 ~ 400%, powder selection efficiency is low 30 ~ 45%.

  Therefore, it has been unable to meet the needs of modern production.

  If continue to use, must be modified, to achieve a lower cycle load and higher efficiency of powder selection, in order to meet our production needs.

  The fineness of output grinding and the fineness of return grinding are closely related to the output of the grinding machine. If the output grinding is too fine, the output of the grinding machine will be directly reduced. This is because under the same conditions, the fine output grinding materials stay in the grinding for a relatively long time and the cycle load is low.

  If the grinding is too fine and coarse, the internal circulation of the grinding will be increased, and the unground coarse powder will return to the grinding, which occupies the position that should have been fed more, and directly affects the output of the grinding machine.

  Therefore, intuitively speaking, the difference between the fineness of the back powder and the fineness of the grinding is greater, the higher the efficiency of powder selection is. Under the same conditions, the output of the grinding machine is also higher, which is also a proportional relationship.

  Grinding mill in the same conditions, according to the fineness of the product requirements, grinding fineness should be controlled in a certain range.

  And need to be equipped with better grading equipment, back to the powder of the coarse powder fineness can be larger.

  Therefore, the grinding system will form a lower cycle load and higher efficiency of powder selection, at this time the mill can increase the amount of feed, the mill output thus improved.

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