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Crusher maintenance knowledge - daily maintenance

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  As the core equipment of ore production, crusher, in daily use, how to reduce the wear and tear of the machine, extend the service life of the equipment, and more efficient conversion of economic benefits, please pay attention to the following daily maintenance and maintenance of the crusher:

  Maintenance of crusher

  1. Check the machine regularly

  Any stone crushing equipment in the switch machine, should pay attention to the regular shutdown of the machine, check the internal wear of the machine.

  During the inspection of the crusher, the machine must be completely stopped before maintenance, so as to avoid a series of dangers.

  In the maintenance of the machine must check the wearing parts, wearing parts to the maximum wear degree must be timely replacement.

  2. Check accessories regularly

  The conveyor belt is indispensable in the stone production line.

  Regularly adjust the tightness of the belt to ensure that the belt is under uniform stress.

  Bearing wear is relatively large in use, often add oil to increase the service life of the bearing, add the total amount of the bearing 50-70%.

  Under normal circumstances, the bearing temperature rise shall not exceed 35 ℃, the highest temperature rise of less than 70 ℃.

  If the maintenance of dynamic jaw bearing, generally only arrange cleaning oil, not necessarily need to replace the bearing.

  The common method is to pull the bearing and eccentric shaft out of the bearing cavity.

  3. Lubricating parts well

  Regular attention to do a good job in time friction surface lubrication, can ensure the normal operation of the machine and extend the service life.

  Use of grease, should be based on the use of location, temperature and other conditions to determine.

  The grease added to the bearing base is 50-70% of its volume, which must be replaced every three months;

  When replacing the oil, clean the bearing and bearing seat with clean gasoline or kerosene.

  Grease must be added before the elbow and bracket pad are in contact before the machine is started.

  Maintenance of crusher

  1. Minor repairs (once every six months)

  1, clean the pneumatic triple and solenoid valve.

  2. Check whether the bolts in the motor junction box are loose and replace the damaged sealing ring.

  3. Remove and lubricate roller bearings.

  4. Check the wear of sprocket and chain.

  5, check the compression spring tightness, and make necessary adjustments.

  6. Check the wear of the crushing roller.

  2. Annual repair (once a year)

  1. Minor repair of all contents.

  2. Check the motor bearing and change the lubricating oil.

  3, check the belt pulley wear.

  4, check and replace the cylinder seal ring and piston ring.

  5. Check whether the safety travel switch is flexible and reliable.

  6. Repair or replace the cylinder block according to the wear condition of cylinder block.

  7, check the roll, feed roller bearing and bearing seat wear, if necessary to replace or repair.

  8. Check and replace the regulating spring.

  Daily maintenance

  1. Turn off the power switch, clean up the scattered materials around the crusher, and check whether there are screws loose in the connection between the motor and the reducer.

  2. There is a circular oil level mirror outside the gearbox, through which the lubricating oil of the gearbox can be checked regularly.

  In general, the reducer lubricating oil can be covered by half of the oil level mirror, if lower than half of the oil level mirror, to oil.

  3. After the reducer works for 400 hours for the first time, the lubricating oil must be changed.

  Check whether the lubricating oil needs to be replaced every six months in the future.

  Mineral oil shall not be mixed with synthetic oil.

  4. Oil the bearing parts regularly. Bearing parts are easy to be damaged.

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