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Application report of new improved wear - resistant liner fo

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  An overview,

  Cement grinding is an indispensable process in cement production.

  At present, ball mill is still the main cement mill in China.

  In the process of cement production, the power consumption of cement grinding accounts for about 60% of the comprehensive power consumption of cement production.

  Therefore, it is of great significance to accelerate the technological progress of cement grinding process, improve the grinding efficiency of ball mill, and extend the service life of wear-resistant material of ball mill.

  Since August 2017, the company has adopted the "new improved wear-resistant liner" independently developed by jiangsu shuangxing special steel co., LTD.

  Including the grate board of the feeding bin, the grate board of the middle bin, and the grate board of the grinding tail, etc., greatly reduces the material consumption of the lining board, so that the service life of the wear resistant lining board is extended to more than 2 years, while reducing the time of opening the warehouse for maintenance, further effectively improve the grinding efficiency of the ball mill.

  Two, "new wear-resisting lining board" main characteristics

  Before adopting "new and improved wear-resisting steel lining board", our company has carried on the strict investigation to this series of products.

  During the investigation, the researchers learned that the product of this project adopts the unique sifting through symmetrical connection technology, the "v method" production automatic casting system and casting process, and the continuous step low-temperature and constant temperature tempering large oil quenching heat treatment process. The product has the outstanding advantages of long service life, low cost and high productivity.

  The ball mill system is configured after the product.

  The production rate of grinding body is increased to 97%, compared with the ordinary wear resistant liner, the production rate is increased to 25%, the only domestic wear resistant material can reach more than 4 years in the service life, the technical index reaches the international advanced level.

  Three, use effect

  1, with high tensile, high flexural strength and wear resistance.

  Because with special casting system formed certain stratification, break through the conventional appeared at home and abroad "shrinkage", "sand" liquidity is not complete, and at the back of the lining board substrate nickel, molybdenum, vanadium, cobalt base, such as high temperature full gold strengthening phase, and therefore never appear fracture is in use, and showed a good wear resistance.

  After the test:

  Rockwell hardness 50 HRc

  Tensile strength 127OMPa

  Impact strength 41MPa

  Its physical and chemical properties and technical indicators are very superior.

  2. Unique structural design improves grinding efficiency.

  Through the computer simulation technology scientific design of wear-resistant system device structure, in the head position using ring groove lifting structure, in the middle bin of the discharging position using reinforcing bars grate plate, reduce grinding body grate fracture and blocking material and other problems, effectively improve the grinding system efficiency, the mill output increased by more than 20%.

  Comparison test of grinding system of ball mill:





Current drain

   Regular liner




New improved plate




  The comparison results show that the composite liner device system has obvious advantages of energy saving and high efficiency.

  3. Wide adaptability.

  At present, the ball mill produced by our company is a complete set of grinding production technology for many industries at home and abroad. "new improved anti-blocking lining board" can be applied to cement grinding of ball mill, and it can also be widely used in mining, gold control, electric power, building materials and other industries, satisfying the business development of our company.

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