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Grinding process conditions and requirements of ball mill

  1. The particle size of the material crushed by a ball mill

        When using the sieve ball mill to crush the material, the feed size should not be too large. If the material block is too large, the material will stay in the ball mill for a long time, which is easy to produce over-crushing and increase the micro powder

  The yield rate of commonly used particle size decreases, and the lumpiness of general corundum should be less than 30mm.

  2. Properly prepare perimeter screen

  Usually ball mill perimeter screen number should be more than a coarse particle size.

  3. Appropriate feeding speed

  Feeding speed and the size of the lumpiness of the feed, screen load and discharging speed. When the lumpiness is coarse, feeding speed should be slowed down. Otherwise, the control screen load will increase or damage

  The temperature should be balanced with the discharging speed.

  4. Replenish steel balls and repair lining plates

  In order to compensate for the wear of steel balls, new balls should be added to the mill regularly and the steel balls with wear less than 80mm and deformation should be picked out.

  The consumption of crushing corundum blocks is about 2.5-3.0 kg/t. When the ball mill works for a quarter or half a year, the lining plate should be inspected and replaced.

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