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What should I do with the ball mill shaft?

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  I. Analysis of the causes of the shaft wear of the ball mill

  1. Design defects: The equipment only stays in the theoretical stage at the beginning of the design, and the deviation from the actual operating environment is large, which leads to the contradiction between the design parameters and the actual operating parameters, which greatly reduces the operating life of the equipment and the internal components of the equipment. Greater impact. For the shaft, the probability of bending, breaking, and wear is greatly increased;

  2. Component quality: Many manufacturers in order to cater to different needs, the material selection and production process of the ball mill are different, so the overall quality of the equipment is very different, so many equipment failure rate increases, the shaft wears seriously ;

  3. Assembly defects: the assembly of the shaft of the ball mill and the corresponding components have certain assembly process standards. If the process standards are not strictly in accordance with the process standards, the joint parts or the mating parts will be greatly worn;

  4. Normal metal wear: The metal itself has certain fatigue characteristics. The long-term bearing torque will lead to the normal fatigue wear of the metal. This is unavoidable. We can only relieve the fatigue wear of the metal through the maintenance of the equipment in the later stage;

  5. Improper operation and maintenance: improper operation and maintenance of the ball mill in the later stage is also one of the causes of shaft wear.

  The normal operation of the ball mill is related to the production of the whole enterprise. The shaft wear problem of the ball mill in the long-term continuous production is unavoidable, so how to quickly repair the ball mill after the shaft wear problem is very important for the whole enterprise. Let's introduce Xiaobian to a technology to quickly repair the shaft wear problem of the ball mill - Sole carbon nano polymer material.

  Second, the steps to repair the shaft wear of the ball mill

  1. Do a good job in preparation before construction, such as tools, materials and spare parts that need to be replaced, and do a good job at the construction site;

  2. Check the wear state of the shaft end before disassembling the bearing, and measure the axial and radial wear conditions in detail;

  3. Determine the axial positioning and the radial auxiliary positioning according to the axial and radial wear conditions (such as: pitting, gasket, repair welding) to ensure the coaxiality and the use effect after repair;

  4. Trial bearing: use the standard size of the inner ring of the bearing at normal temperature, and increase the positioning point to achieve the bearing assembly requirements;

  5. Use a gas torch to bake the grease that has penetrated into the surface of the worn part, and use a grinding wheel or a power tool to beat the repaired part to a metallic color and thoroughly clean it with absolute ethanol to ensure that the surface is clean, dry, rough, and firm;

  6. After the inner ring surface of the bearing is cleaned with absolute ethanol, brush the Sorel SD7000 release agent;

  7. Strictly proportionally reconcile the Sole SD7101H material, stir until the color is uniform, no color difference;

  8. Apply sorel carbon nano-polymer material on the shaft wear repair surface and repeatedly scrape to ensure tight adhesion and avoid pores; the material ensures that the auxiliary support point is completely covered, and the proper heating bearing assembly is in place;

  9. Material curing: curing at 60-80 ° C for more than 3 hours, note that it is not possible to directly contact the material with open flame, and the heating temperature shall not exceed the maximum temperature of the material;

  10. Non-tapered bearings must be quickly hot-packed to avoid initial curing caused by temperature and time and affect the diameter after repair. Pay attention to the method of bearing installation and control the axial oscillation of the bearing to avoid damage to the positioning point. During the installation process, a dense filling is formed between the bearing inner ring and the repaired bearing position and it is ensured that excess material is extruded;

  11. Fix the bearing according to the assembly process requirements of the bearing to position the bearing in the axial direction.

  Third, on-site repair ball mill shaft wear case Appreciation

  1. Ball mill drive pinion bearing wear wear online repair

  Enterprise 1# ball mill drive pinion bearing wear, bearing 23256CA/w33, journal 280mm, rear shoulder 330.05mm, single side wear 4-5mm. The company seeks to reach our company, and our engineers give scientific analysis and repair suggestions for this problem.



  2. Ball mill hollow shaft bearing wear wear online repair

  A group mine MQG2400x3600 wet lattice ball mill output bearing wear, shaft diameter 670mm, wear width 250mm, wear size 4mm, bearing model 230/670CA/W33. The Sore carbon nano-polymer material was combined with the "Sole benchmark positioning process" to complete the online repair in 16 hours, and achieved good results.

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