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Old-fashioned ball mill PK Combined continuous ball mill

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  With advancement of science and technology and the improvement of management level of ceramic enterprises, the quality and grade of China’s architectural ceramic products have made a qualitative leap.

  1. Advantages and disadvantages of old ball mill

  The old-fashioned intermittent ball mills that are currently in common use have not changed for decades. It is a closed structure, with low output, large floor space, high energy consumption, complicated operation, inconvenient automation, and the powders are extremely inconsistent, and it is not suitable to produce high-grade bricks. There is a serious over-grinding phenomenon.

  2. Advantages and disadvantages of 2 combined continuous ball mill

  The combined continuous ball mill is a new type of ball mill with reasonable structure, optimized combination and high transmission efficiency. The combined continuous ball mill comprises a cylinder, a transmission, a feeding and discharging device for raw materials and grinding bodies, an automatic detection and an automatic control system. The driving system consisting of the motor, the reducer and the pulley is driven by the belt during operation, and the cylinder with the belt groove is rotated. The raw material and water enter the cylinder through the feed end hollow shaft driven by the feeding device. Driven by the cylinder, more than half of the raw materials, water and ball stones are used to impact each other and rotate. The raw materials is quickly ground under the strong impact of the ball. After more than one hour of strong grinding, the raw material flows out through the discharge port of the third cylinder to complete the ball milling process of the entire raw material.

  3. Comparison between combined continuous ball mills and old-fashioned ball mills

  1) Differences in principle

  The old mill is a closed grinding machine in which the raw materials, water and ball are filled with the entire ball. The grinding effect is poor; the combined continuous ball mill is open-type, only contains more than half, raw materials, water and ball stones, the drop difference on the ball stone is large, the potential energy impact on t he raw material is large, and the ball stone is brought to a high place and directly impacts the raw material. Products a good grinding effect, and the ground material can be immediately flowed away from the third cylinder without excessive grinding.

  2) Structural differences

  There is not belt groove on the old mill cylinder. The belt is hung on the cylinder to be forced to rotate, and the belt often slips, which does not conform to the mechanical design principle. The continuous ball mill cylinder has 48 belt grooves, and the belt does not slip, which can achieve a good transmission effect.

  The old mill can only be filled with one ball, and then released after the ball is finished. In this way, the labor intensity of the workers is large, the operation is very difficult, and it is necessary to start and shut down several times, which also has a certain impact on the power grid. The continuous ball mill does not need to stop, can continuously fee and continuously discharge, has less impact on the grid, and can be operated and controlled automatically.

  Three-piece or multi-continuous ball mill structure, small footprint, under the same output, the area of the continuous ball mill is one-third of the area of the oil mill, greatly reducing the civil engineering and foundation investment.

  The continuous ball mill has a large output and has remarkable energy-saving effect. One set combined continuous ball mill. The raw materials are below 2mm and directly milled into a continuous ball mill. The output of powder per hour is above3 20T. Rough grinding by the old mill. The sieve residue is 8-12 and then into the continuous ball mill for fine grinding. It can produce 40T powder per hour and the sieve residue is about 0.8-1.2. Due to the large output, it saves about 15%-20% of electricity per ton of powder compared to the old ball mill processing technology.

  The continuous ball mill is equipped with three frequency converters. In the three-piece continuous ball mill, according to the first section rough grinding, its rotation speed can be appropriately slowed down, and the final section of the fine grinding speed can be adjusted appropriately.

  The quality of the raw materials ground by the continuous ball mill is good, and the fineness of the powder is uniform, which lays a good raw material foundation to produce high-grade bricks. Especially for the air-pressure molding machine, the brick has good exhaust performance.

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