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New measures for energy saving and consumption reduction of

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  In China, energy conservation and consumption reduction have always been placed in the cement industry, and achieved certain results. However, the energy consumption of the cement industry has not been fundamentally changed, especially in large-scale cement production, and reducing energy consumption is still the main direction of the future.

  In recent years, the cement industry has made great achievements in the field of grinding in the field of energy saving and emission reduction, using new technologies and developing new energy-saving equipment, such as the use and promotion of vertical mill and roller press technology. However, in terms of the cement production process, the quality of the products produced by the vertical mill and the roller press technology. However, in terms of the cement production process, the quality of the products produced by the vertical mill and the roller press can never replace the quality of the products produced by the traditional ball mill, especially the composition of the finished cement particles produced y the two methods are very different. The products produced by the ball mill are mainly composed by round and smooth surfaces, so the strength of the concrete produced is higher, and the finished products produced by the vertical mill are irregular in shape and rough in surface, so that affect the intensity of use. Therefore, internationally, in the production of cement industry, vertical mills and roller presses are not the final equipment to produce finished products. Therefore, considering the cement process and quality requirements, the use of ball mills as the final production equipment is the best choice for product quality optimization.

  Most production companies adopt a comprehensive production process pre-comminuted in front of the ball mill, which is one of the important measures to achieve energy reduction. The energy consumption of the large ball mill itself has not been highly valued. Traditional large-scale ball mills have been affected by design, manufacturing and actual operational factors, and their energy consumption has not been fully reduced. With years of experience in the design, manufacture and operation of cement production equipment, the author has conducted in-depth discussions on large ball mills and achieved new ways to save energy and reduce consumption.

  The torque required by the mainframe of a conventional large ball mill is transmitted by the transmission nozzle and the transmission shaft, which is called the center transmission. It is well known that the driving torque of a rotating body is the product of a moment and a force arm. Therefore, in the center transmission arm is small, the power consumed by the motor is large, and the energy consumption is relatively high. Look at the small and medium-sized ball mills, the transmission mode of which is the outer gear of the rotary cylinder, which is called the edge transmission. The transmission force arm is larger, and the relative power consumption of the motor is relatively small, and the energy consumption is relatively low. The practice also proves that all the supporting power of the small and medium-sized mills according to the theoretical calculations are high there is a certain storage power.

  It is true that if a large ball mill adopts the traditional edge transmission form, there are certain problems in the past design methods, manufacturing transportation operation. Among them, in the design, the large gear in the edge drive is easy to install and maintain, its structure is a half-fold structure, the diameter is about 1.6 times that of the cylinder, only to meet the manufacturing and assembly requirements, with the country the further implementation of the policy of large-scale and small-scale cement production has eliminated a large number of enterprises with backward production capacity, banned small and medium-sized ball mills, and replaced them with large-scale ball mills. However, if the large ball mill is also rare. In the operation of the equipment, if the transmission gear exceeds the theoretically allowed linear velocity, the tooth surface wear is larger than the theoretical value and is uneconomical.

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