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Four reasons for frequent vibration of vertical mill

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  The causes of vibration of vertical mill are more complex, and the basic reasons can be divided into three categories:

  The first is the vibration caused by unreasonable control of material layer thickness, water injection, pressure difference, air volume, air temperature, grinding pressure, feed quantity and so on.

  Second, the reasons for the material, such as material particle size, material grinding, iron or large pieces of material into the mill and so on lead to the vibration of the mill;

  3. Vibration caused by mechanical equipment.

  Vibration caused by the first two causes is easy to find and can be easily controlled, and can be solved by strengthening process management and process control. The vibration caused by mechanical equipment is complicated and not easy to control.

  The vibration and resolution measures due to the cause of the equipment are shared below.

  1) the center of the grinding roller and the center bracket combination center is offset to the center of the grinding disc to cause the mill to vibrate.

  Due to long-term wear and vibration, the clearance of each joint becomes larger, the torque rod buffer pad is aging, hardened and loses its cushioning effect, and the impact thickness becomes thinner (the original thickness of each piece is 125mm, and only 120mm is detected after running for a period of time). The movement of the roller becomes larger and the deviation of the position center of the roller occurs (if the center deviation of the support is large, it can be seen from the air seal clearance of the roller, and the air seal clearance on both sides is not the same).

  At the same time, due to vibration and wear, the position of torque rod and tension rod is offset, which not only loses the protective effect of torque rod, but also forms torsional bending effect on tension rod, which produces torque on tension rod and aggravates the vibration of mill. Destructive damage to hydraulic cylinder and chassis foundation, and tension rod and pull rod bolt are easy to break.

  Analysis and solution of four causes of frequent Vibration of Vertical Mill

  Therefore, when the combination center of the roller and the central support is offset from the center of the grinding disk, the position of the roller should be adjusted so that the combination center of the roller and the central support is located in the center of the grinding disk.

  The specific inspection and adjustment method is that the grinding roller is placed on the grinding disk and no grinding pressure is applied, and the reducer pumping station is in a normal working state. At this time, the grinding disk can be rotated by manually rotating the coupling between the reducer and the motor.

  After a week of manual rotation of the grinding disc, the distance between the end block of the roller liner and the edge of the grinding disc retaining ring is measured, and the difference is within ±5mm. It can be considered that the position of the grinding roller is correct, otherwise it needs to be adjusted until the position is correct.

  In the daily maintenance, it is necessary to arrange at least one to two planned repairs per year according to the production condition, mainly for the inspection of the radial system of the mill, the replacement of worn and aging spare parts, and the maintenance of key components. No matter whether the operation is good or bad, it is necessary to disintegrate the spherical bearing at the torque rod and tension rod, maintain it, measure the bearing clearance, and replace the buffer pad and bearing if necessary.

  2) the vibration of the mill caused by the damage of the accumulator nitrogen airbag.

  because the nitrogen air bag is broken, the energy accumulator will not be able to absorb the impact of the cushion and vibration, and the impact of the thickness of the grinding machine material layer on the hydraulic system can not be absorbed, the pressure oil in the hydraulic cylinder is lost, and the continuous impact vibration is caused, And also the damage of the hydraulic cylinder seal and the high-pressure rubber tube is also accelerated.

  In order to avoid the above faults, the pressure in the accumulator should be detected regularly, and the capsule should be checked or replaced in time when the pressure of nitrogen airbag is 00:00.

  3) the mill vibration caused by the non-rotation of the grinding roller.

  The reason for the non-rotation of the grinding roller is that the internal bearing is damaged or stuck, and the working current of the main motor will suddenly increase. Stop the check immediately when this occurs.

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