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Causes and Solutions of Common faults of Ball Mill

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  Ball mill is one of the necessary equipment for pre-selection operation of concentrator. In the construction of the whole separation plant, the investment of ball mill equipment accounts for a large proportion, so it is particularly important to ensure the normal production of machinery and equipment.

  However, the main reason affecting the normal production of ball mill is that the equipment failure is an important problem leading to the normal production, in addition to the external environment, in the continuous production, because of the failure of the ball mill, it can not continue to run. It is possible that the operation of the whole plant selection system will be affected, which will cause great economic losses to the selection plant.

  In the face of the problem of production or equipment failure of ball mill, it should be analyzed and diagnosed that "prescribing the right medicine" is an effective way to ensure the normal operation of ball mill.

  At present, most of the common production and equipment faults of ball mill are: ball mill "rising belly", high bearing temperature, large vibration, big noise and so on.

  First, the ball mill increases its belly

  1, the reasons for the increase of the belly of the ball mill: usually, the increase of the belly of the ball mill is mostly caused by the maladjustment of work, such as: improper control of grinding water consumption, which will directly affect the grinding concentration, and once the concentration is high, it will cause the belly to rise. Or the amount of grinding medium or unreasonable parameters of ball diameter ratio will also lead to the increase of belly of ball mill.

  2, the phenomenon of bulging of ball mill: there will be the following conditions in the belly of ball mill, the main ammeter indicates that the current is decreasing; when the ball mill is discharged, it will spit up large blocks and the pulp will gush out; the phenomenon of overflow "running out" of the grading machine is serious, and the amount of sand returned is obviously increased. The sound of the ball mill will become dull and the impact of the steel ball can hardly be heard.

  3. The ball mill expansion solution: aiming at the "to raise the belly" phenomenon of the ball mill, the method for matching the corresponding problem solution is to adjust the water consumption of the ball mill, to control the grinding concentration to be within the development range, to reduce the ore feeding amount of the ball mill or to stop the ore to the mine in a short time, and to meet the requirements of the ore feeding, Not only can the working load of the ball mill be effectively reduced, but also the throughput of the medium can be ensured.

  II. Bearing temperature of ball mill is high

  1. The bearing temperature of the ball mill is high: there are a number of reasons for the high bearing temperature of the ball mill, because the lubrication of each lubrication point is not in place; the lubrication pipeline is blocked; the clearance of the bearing bush side is too small or too large to form a uniform film on the bearing bush; and the grease of the rolling bearing is too large or too small; The sealing device of the hollow shaft at the two ends of the grinding body is too tight and the like.

  2. The bearing temperature is too high: the bearing temperature of the ball mill is too high, it is easy to produce pitting, crack or melting.

  3, the solution to the high bearing temperature of the ball mill: in view of the high bearing temperature of the ball mill, the matching corresponding problems are solved as follows, check whether the lubricating oil brand and lubricating oil quality pass, and ensure that each lubrication point is lubricated in place; Clean up the tubing blockage phenomenon in time; lift the oil pressure Jack used in the ball mill cylinder, extract the bearing sleeve from one side, and make a big treatment to the tile mouth; control the lubricating grease according to the regulations, generally 1 ≤ 2 × 1 / 2 of the bearing gap; Adjust the spacing of the hollow shafts at both ends of the grinding body.

  Note: when the bearing temperature of the ball mill is above 70 ℃, when the hand is close to the drying feeling, or smoke, remember to stop directly, you can manually pour oil from the bearing to cool, return to the normal temperature, stop. If forced parking is adopted, it is likely to cause bearings to burn down, or hollow shafts and large tiles to be hugged to death.

  Third, the ball mill has a great sense of vibration

  1, ball mill vibration: most of the vibration of ball mill is caused by coupling, motor, reducer and so on. When the clearance of the two wheels of the coupling is too small to compensate for the amount of movement driven by the motor when the motor is started, the transmission coupling of the reducer, the motor and the transmission shaft does not maintain coaxial, and the two shafts are different from each other. The link bolts of the coupling are not symmetrically tightened, etc.

  2, the ball mill vibration phenomenon: the ball mill starts with a strong shock.

  3, the solution to the vibration of the ball mill is as follows: in view of the strong vibration feeling of the ball mill, the matching corresponding problems are solved as follows, the rotor of the ball mill is pulled out, and the balance point is found out separately, and each wheel is adjusted to achieve concentric according to the prescribed symmetrical clearance. The bolt is symmetrically fastened with the same moment.

  Fourth, there is a lot of noise in gears or bearings

  1, the noise of gear or bearing is large: usually, the sound of gear and bearing of ball mill is uniform and stable under normal operation, and the main reason of abnormal sound is that the gear wear is serious; The gear meshing is poor, the runout deviation of the large gear ring is too large, the fixed bolt or the corresponding connection bolt of the large tooth ring is loose, the bearing wear is serious, the bearing installation is not correct and so on.

  2. The noise of gear or bearing is big. The running sound of the speed reducer of the ball mill is abnormal and the noise is large.

  3. Solution to the noise of gear or bearing: Generally, if the noise of the gear or bearing is too large, it is more likely that the abrasion of the gear or bearing is too large or the difference between the gears is not caused, and the gear or bearing shall be repaired, adjusted or replaced, and the bearing shall be adjusted; the fastening is good, so the bolt is connected.

  In the course of operation, the ball mill is not only the above-mentioned problems, can cause various faults, can be caused by a variety of reasons, can timely find the problem and improve the problem in time, is the effective way to improve the whole efficiency of the mill.

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