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The reason of increasing power consumption of ball mill

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 Ball mill, as a necessary grinding equipment in mineral processing production line, accounts for as much as 30% of the overall operating cost of the separation plant. The ball mill not only has high investment cost, but also large energy consumption. The power of the ball mill directly affects the level of energy consumption. Under the premise of ensuring the output, controlling the power of the ball mill within the rated range is the most important thing to save energy and reduce consumption and save cost. In actual production, if the actual power is much greater than the rated power.

  Three reasons for high power of ball mill

  1, excessive addition of grinding medium

  If the grinding medium (steel ball or steel bar) is added too much, it will lead to the difficulty of starting the ball mill, even if the successful start-up will lead to excessive power, so the ball mill should be operated in strict accordance with the instructions during the use of the ball mill. Do not add excessive grinding media.

  2, underloaded

  The so-called insufficient loading is the overall reduction of the number of grinding materials, water and grinding media, so the impact grinding effect of the grinding body on the grinding material and the mechanical collision between the grinding bodies are also reduced accordingly. However, the corresponding power is not reduced, but more than the normal loading power, which will make it difficult to start the ball mill in serious cases.

  3. Transmission device problem

  The function of the transmission device of the ball mill is to drive the cylinder to rotate. When the transmission device fails, the rotating speed of the cylinder of the ball mill will decrease, the operation of the cylinder will not be smooth, and the friction force between the hollow shaft and the ball surface tile will increase. Then the power of the ball mill will naturally rise.

  If the voltage of the power supply is unstable, when the voltage is reduced, the lubrication state is changed from the dynamic pressure lubrication to the boundary grinding lubrication, the friction coefficient is increased, and the power can be rapidly increased, and even the safety factor of the whole transmission system is exceeded. Therefore, the failure of the transmission device is caused by the unstable power supply voltage.

  Tips for saving electricity in ball mill

  It is well known that the power consumption of ball mill equipment is large, and its power consumption can basically account for about 40% of the whole production process. If the power is high, the power consumption is bound to increase. So how can we reduce the power consumption of ball mill and reduce the production cost?

  1. The traditional sliding bearing is changed into the double-row self-aligning spherical rolling bearing, the lubricating system of the thin oil-oil ring is eliminated, the split-type positioning cone sleeve, the bearing cover and the bearing seat are provided, the original lubricating system is modified into a ball mill rolling support, and the movable electric dry oil pump is used for lubrication.

  In this way, the modified ball mill equipment only needs electric grease every two months, which will put an end to the tile burning accident caused by the lack of oil in the oil ring in the past, greatly reduce the labor intensity of the workers, and improve the running rate of the ball mill. Only by observing the temperature display situation in the nearest place, the post worker can master the operation of the bearing, which is convenient and labor-saving, and the power saving rate is as high as 8.8%.

  3. Oil mist lubrication device to ensure the lubrication of the size gear is reliable;

  4, more crushing and less grinding, as far as possible to reduce the crushing particle size, ball mill equipment feeding particle size is small, power consumption is naturally saved a lot;

  5. Clean the ineffective grinding medium in time, supplement the steel ball regularly, and ensure that the proportion of the steel ball and the ball-to-material ratio are reasonable;

  6, the feeding speed and the feed amount are reasonably controlled without the high yield of the graph, and the feed water content is controlled;

  7, frequency conversion start, by adjusting the speed of the motor, so that the output torque and speed of the motor and the process requirements of the ball mill to achieve the best coordination;

  8. Periodic maintenance and maintenance, and find out the problems in a timely manner.

  In the actual production, the loading capacity should be measured strictly according to the factory specification of the equipment, and the ball mill equipment should be overhauled often, and the transmission device should be adjusted and repaired in time. In this way, the ball mill power can be maintained at the rated power, which can reduce energy consumption and increase income.

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