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Limestone grinding equipment to prepare concrete admixture

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  The infiltration of limestone powder into concrete as a blending material has become a hot spot and development trend in the concrete industry in the future. Limestone powder is used in concrete and the most widely used fineness is between 200 and 400 mesh. In recent years, with the improvement of environmental protection standards, the need for energy conservation and emission reduction, and the trend of large-scale development, more and more enterprises have begun to choose vertical mills as limestone milling equipment.

  As a professional grinding system integrated service provider, Xinxiang Great Wall adopts the world's advanced grinding technology and combines 60 years of experience in large-scale kiln grinding equipment manufacturing. The limestone vertical mill developed by the company has been favored by more and more customers since it was put on the market. .

  Xinxiang Great Wall vertical grinding process:


  What is better for the concrete admixture with limestone powder grinding equipment?

  The material falls through the blanking pipe to the center of the grinding disc, and the grinding disc rotating at a constant speed uniformly disperses and flattens the raw material outward by means of the centrifugal force, so that a material bed of a certain thickness is formed, and the material is simultaneously subjected to a plurality of grinding rollers on the grinding disc. Rolled and crushed.

  Under the continuous driving of the centrifugal force, the material continuously moves to the outer edge of the grinding disc. When the material leaving the grinding disc encounters the hot gas entering the grinding through the air ring and rises accordingly, the middle casing of the mill enters the separator, in the process The medium material is fully exchanged with the hot gas, and the water is quickly evaporated.

  The classifier controls the particle size of the finished product at the roller mill outlet. Particles larger than the specified size are separated and fall back to the grinding disc. The material that meets the fineness requirements enters the finished product bin through the classifier.

  Xinxiang Great Wall vertical grinding technology advantages:

  What is better for the concrete admixture with limestone powder grinding equipment?

  1. Energy saving and environmental protection.

  Adopting vertical grinding process, low energy consumption, electricity consumption per ton of stone powder is less than 30 degrees; vertical grinding negative pressure production, less dust emission, in line with national environmental protection requirements.

  2. Advanced process equipment.

  Adopting international advanced vertical grinding technology, the equipment runs smoothly, the failure rate is low, the production capacity is large, and the maximum output of single machine can reach 1 million tons per year, adapting to the trend of large-scale and green development of the industry.

  3. Lean design, product diversification.

  With a composite separator, the product fineness can be freely adjusted at 200-600m2/kg to meet the needs of customers producing different products.

  Xinxiang Great Wall can also provide customers with advanced limestone micropowder preparation solutions to maximize the benefits of limestone comprehensive utilization and enable customers to win good economic and environmental benefits.

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