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The cause of vibration of ball bearing shell of ball mill

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  Ball mills are the most widely used grinding machines in heavy industry such as power generation, mineral processing, chemical and building materials. It can grind materials of various hardness and ultimately meet the requirements of process specifications. Our unit’s ball mill is mainly used for slurry preparation. Because it is the core equipment of the enterprise, it requires a high operation rate. Vibration at the ball bearing housing of the ball mill is a device failure that affects the normal operation of the ball mill.

  There are many reasons for causing low-frequency vibrations, and the vibrations and hazards caused by their respective causes are also different. There are various repair methods. Therefore, it is necessary to first identify the main causes of vibration and solve the main contradictions. Now combined with the transmission structure of the ball bearing pinion bearing housing, the common causes and treatment methods of vibration are analyzed.

  1. Vibration of the pinion housing caused by imbalance

  1) The gear hole position is defective

  2) The inner diameter of the gear shaft is eccentric

  3) The gear material is defective and has trachoma

  4) Partial wear of the gear.

  5) The steel ball in the body of the large ring gear is bonded to the material, resulting in an imbalance.

  2.Couplings are equipped with vibrations caused by different shafts

  There are three types of couplings for different shafts: the two-axis centerline has a radial offset, the two-axis and the centerline are skewed; the two-axis centerline simultaneously offsets and measures the axial and radial directions of the coupling gap. Excessive deviations will cause additional loads on the coupling, drive shaft and bearings, resulting in heat, vibration, wear and even fatigue and breakage.

  3. Vibration caused by unreasonable assembly of the gear shaft

  1) The pinion vibration caused by the flank clearance and the top clearance of the large and small gears. First check if the flank clearance and top clearance of the large and small gears meet the requirements. The side clearance and top clearance of the gear drive should be appropriate. A certain side and top clearance can compensate for the manufacturing and assembly deviation of the gear, compensate for thermal expansion and form an oil film to prevent jamming. However, too large a gap can cause an impact. If the gap is too large or too small, it will cause additional load, increase the wear of the gear transmission, and even bring accidents. The common method of measuring the gap is to use the lead method.

  Second, the pinion vibration caused by the unreasonable contact of the pinion tooth surface. The contact area of the gear is represented by the percentage of the total length of the tooth and the total height of the tooth in the contact portion between the tooth length and the tooth height, and the normal contact surface should be evenly distributed on the working surface of the tooth. If the contact surface is small or the contact position is incorrect, the load will be concentrated, causing local wear and vibration. The causes of the following tooth surface contact are analyzed and adjustment measures are proposed.

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