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Ceramic ball change ball mill output reduction can improve

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  Many experts and scholars attribute the reason why the ball mill gradually “falls out of favor” to the fact that the grinding power consumption is higher than that of the vertical mill. The “ballless“ has not yet been achieved because the grinding effect of the ball mill is more in line with the requirements of cement performance. Thus, if the ball mill can reduce power consumption or even its power consumption than the vertical mill by some means, it can survive the cement grinding process.

  The quality of ceramic balls is uneven and will pass the market survival of the fittest

  The industry’s attention has not brought use of ceramic balls. In addition to some cement companies who are willing to be the first to taste crabs, most cement companies are still waiting to see. The reason is mainly concerned about the quality of ceramic balls. In the actual application process, some cement companies found that the ceramic grinding body has a higher breaking rate than the metal grinding body, and at the same time, the metal grinding body is replaced with the ceramic grinding body, and the output is also reduced. These two cannot be “will” it has become a stumbling block to the development of ceramic balls.

  Ceramic balls used in the cement industry have specific references and are not suitable for all grinding systems.

  The “ceramic grinding body” used for cement grinding is specifically different from the “ceramic ball” commonly referred to in the cement industry and the “ceramic grinding media” in the ultrafine power industry. He explained that in terms of function and characteristics, the grinding body suitable for cement grinding system should be “strong grinding of light ceramic grinding body”, with ceramic material, light weight, energy rough surface grinding ability features.

  Breaking rate and grinding capacity are two issues that cement companies need to consider when using ceramic balls. “When the ceramic ball is applied in the ball mill, its grinding ability is slightly reduced, but the weight saving effect is very large after the weight reduction. Therefore, the cement company should use the benefits of the ceramic ball when using it, try to avoid its shortcomings-------Broken ability.” If the crushing capacity is reduced, the output will drop, and the effect of saving electricity will also be worse.

  A cement grinding system with a roller press is a prerequisite for the use of ceramic balls. Before the material enters the ball mill, it sis crushed by a roller press, and the fineness of the cement is controlled, and then the ceramic ball is ground, so that the advantages of the ball mill and the ceramic ball can be exerted, thereby achieving the power saving and ensuring the quality of the cement.

  The roller press is an indispensable condition for exerting the advantages of the ceramic ball, and the production time due to the use of the ceramic ball can also be improved by using a roller press. He explained that the grinding ability of the ceramic ball is limited. If the roller press can crush the material to a certain extent before the ceramic ball is ground, the output will decease less when it is staged.

  In order to maximize the energy-saving advantages of ceramic balls, the current ball mill needs to be structurally modified and improved the filling rate of ceramic balls to develop its maximum grinding capacity. ”With the transformation of the overall structure of the mill, the grinding force of the ceramic ball is further increased, and the output of the Taiwanese market may not only fall, but also exceed the current Taiwanese production.”

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