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Several improvements related to ball mill liner

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  1. Introduction to ball mill and its liner

  1.1 The working principle of the ball mill

  In the ore dressing industry, when the axis of the ball mill cylinder is rotated according to the specified number of revolutions, the crushing medium and ore contained in the cylinder are lifted to certain height with the centrifugal wall and the friction force, and then free from the wall of the cylinder. Drop or roll down. The crushing of ore is mainly caused by the impact force when the crushing medium falls and the grinding and peeling action during the movement. The ore is continuously fed from the hollow journal at one end of the cylinder, and the ground product is continuously discharged through the hollow journal at the other end of the cylinder. The movement of the ore in the cylinder is achieved by continuously applying pressure to the ore.

  1.2 Ball mill liner function and selection principle

  The ball mill liner is designed to protect the surface of the barrel from wear and t o control the movement of the steel ball within the barrel. In general, the degree of unevenness on the surface of the lining plate has different frictional effects on the ball load. The unevenness is called the non-smooth lining, the friction coefficient of the ball load is large, the ball load is raised higher, and there is a large striking force. Therefore, the rough lining is almost always used when rough grinding; the unevenness is small known as the smooth lining, the friction coefficient of the ball load is small, the ball load knives are lower, and the striking force is also smaller, so the smooth lining is often used for fine grinding.

  1.3 Ball mill liner type and characteristics

  There are many types of ball mill liners. The most common ones are two types: one is a single liner. The liner is directly fixed to the cylinder by bolts. Sealed, otherwise the slurry will leak out during work. In order to prevent the slurry from flowing out along the bolt holes, a rubber ban and a metal washer must be placed under the nut. One is a strip liner that is secured by a wedge bead and pressed with an end cap liner. This lining is simple to manufacture, but it cannot be removed in a single piece. Since the number of bolt holes is small, the strength and rigidity of the cylinder are enhanced. At present, the ball mills produced in China have various structural forms, and the linings are also different in type and layout depending on the manufacturer.

  2. Ball mill lining layout and connection method transformation

  The T-shaped staggered layout and connection method is a relatively traditional arrangement. The structure is relatively simple. The lining plate has only two specifications, and the interchangeability is good. The manhole does not need special specifications. Therefore, some manufacturers have been using this kind of technology. Arrangement the company began to use the structural layout and connection method of the manufacturer. It takes 3d and 70h to replace the lining plate every time. In actual production, it often stops due to leakage of slurry. Hours, even two inches a few hours.

  The “one-shaped ” parallel layout and connection method is commonly referred to as a boltless connection. Boltless joints are generally classified into R-type inlays, Cr-type inlays, and wedge-shaped inlays. The company uses a wedge-shaped mosaic structure, which makes full use of the self-solidification between the curved linings. The linings of each lap are precisely processed and closely matched with each other to form a solid. Under the impact of the steel ball, the tighter and tighter, even if the phenomenon of rupture of the lining will not fall off.

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