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Field grinding of rocker arm bearing room wear

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Vertical mill is the most important component of cement enterprises. Once shaft wear problems occur, it will have a serious impact on the operation of the entire equipment, causing a series of problems, such as serious equipment vibration, bearing damage and so on. Vertical wear rocker bearing chamber wear is a common problem. How to quickly fix this problem on the spot has become an important issue for enterprise equipment managers. This paper briefly introduces the detailed case of repairing the wear of the vertical grinding rocker bearing chamber on the site of Sole Industrial New Technology.

Solei Industry has built a equipment maintenance traceability system, AR augmented reality technology and carbon nano-polymer new materials, and a three-in-one "service + manufacturing" new model has effectively solved the difficulty of data connection of the underlying equipment, slow response and maintenance reliability. The problem is to directly and accurately cut into the pain points and needs of manufacturing equipment operation and maintenance management, and promote the dual-engine development of advanced manufacturing industry for intelligent manufacturing and intelligent operation and maintenance.

Actual case of repairing wear of vertical grinding rocker bearing chamber on site

Vertical grinding rocker bearing chamber wear repair technical solution

● Brush plating repair process

The advantage is that online repair can be achieved, and its disadvantages are very obvious. The brush plating coating of the brush plating process is limited by the amount of wear, and the brush plating thickness of the general brush plating coating is less than 0.2 mm. When the wear amount is more than 0.2mm, the brush plating efficiency will be doubled, and when the brush plating layer is too thick, the brush plating layer is easy to fall off during use, and the service life is short.

● Repair welding machine processing and repair process

Repair welding machine repair is the most common way in the traditional repair process, which is characterized by high repair accuracy. The disadvantage is that it is easy to cause stress concentration or bending deformation of the shaft during the repair process of small shafts; for the repair of large shafts such as vertical mills, online repair cannot be performed, and the disassembly and transportation will greatly increase the repair cost and repair cycle, and The requirements of machining equipment are extremely high, and the overall cost performance is low, which greatly affects the normal production of the enterprise and increases maintenance and maintenance costs. At the same time, the repair welding process cannot avoid the problem of thermal stress, which causes the risk of cracks or even breaks during the use of the shaft, which greatly increases the safety hazard of production. For large parts such as vertical grinding rocker bearing chambers, it is difficult to repair the repairing machine due to inconvenient disassembly or disassembly, and it can only be repaired on site.

● Replace new parts

For the wear of the vertical grinding bearing position and the bearing chamber, the replacement method is not only costly, but also the comprehensive cost of disassembly and transportation is difficult for the enterprise to accept, and is generally not used.

● Sole carbon nano-polymer material repair technology

Sole carbon nano-polymer material repair technology is to repair the wear of large shafts such as vertical-grinding rocker bearing chambers by using the unique mechanical properties and targeted repairing process of carbon nano-polymer materials. The utility model has the advantages that the composite material has good adhesion, good compression resistance and comprehensive mechanical properties such as elastic deformation of the metal, and the online repairing is realized, the repairing efficiency is high, and the equipment is not required to be disassembled in a large amount, and the repair is generally completed within 8 hours. .

Sole carbon nano-polymer material is similar to a cold-welding technology. It does not generate high temperature during the online repair process. It protects the device body from damage and is not limited by the amount of wear during the repair process. The material does not produce metal fatigue wear during use. Under the premise of normal maintenance of the equipment, the service life after repair is even higher than the service life of the new components.

The repair process is simple: (1) surface treatment, using Sorel carbon nano-polymer material to repair the worn parts based on the unworn surface; (2) curing the material, grinding the surface high point; (3) re-applying the material for general assembly .

In summary, the Sole carbon nano-polymer material has high repair efficiency in repairing the wear of the vertical-grinding rocker bearing chamber, which can realize on-line repair, and the comprehensive repair cost is large, which provides a powerful solution for the maintenance and repair of the enterprise equipment, greatly reducing The production cost of the enterprise.

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