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Structure and performance of ore ball mill

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The beneficiation ball mill is a widely used mining equipment, which is mostly used in the first section of the two-stage grinding or in the case of coarser discharge. The common mine type lattice ball mill is composed of six parts: a cylinder, a feeding part, a discharging part, a hollow shaft, a transmission part, and a lubricating part.

The specific structure of the beneficiation ball mill

1. The cylinder is rolled and rolled from steel plate, and is equipped with a lining plate, which is smooth and non-smooth. Its role is to protect the cylinder. Usually change once every six months to one year.

Second, the ore part is composed of a feeder, a hollow shaft, and the like. The ore feeder is divided into: drum type - mostly used for open circuit; worm type - single spoon, multiple spoons; combined type - drum joint - for the first stage of grinding. Hollow shaft: inner sleeve with spiral blades inside, which has two functions, protects the hollow shaft and feeds the ore into the cylinder.

Third, the ore discharge part consists of grid grid, end cap ribs, rowing hollow journals and so on. The ground ore is passed through the grid grid, and the ribs are picked up and discharged into the hollow shaft. Grid grid function: prevent the ball from being discharged and discharging. Grid grid arrangement: radial arrangement, concentric arrangement, oblique arrangement.

Performance characteristics of mineral processing ball mill

First, the mine discharge speed is fast, the productivity is high (20-30% higher than the overflow type, and the power saving is 20-30%).

Second, the phenomenon of light pulverization - low level of ore discharge, less storage of pulp in the inside, the fine particles have been easily discharged in time.

Third, the ball is more - not only the big ball but also the small ball, because there is a grid. Has good grinding conditions.

Fourth, the construction of the overflow ball mill complex - multi-grid grid, occupy a certain space, reduce the effective volume.

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