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Jaw crushers are heavy

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The machine weight of domestic jaw crusher is generally higher than that of overseas crushers of the same specification.

Reducing machine weight is also an important topic.

Jaw crusher frame takes up a large proportion of the total weight (casting frame accounts for 50%, welding frame accounts for 30%).

Overseas jaw crushers are welded frame, even the movable jaw also used welding structure.

In the last few years, a trend of replacing welding frame with casting frame has taken place in China, which is undoubtedly a retrogressive behavior.

In addition, cast steel is a kind of process with high energy consumption.

Jaw crusher using welding frame is the correct direction of long-term development.

In addition, the unreasonable frame structure design is also an important reason for the increase of machine weight.

Frame structure design should be based on the first force, in order to meet the conditions of strength, stiffness, strive to reduce weight.

The load on the front wall of the frame is mainly borne by transverse ribs.

In general, the crusher does not need to add longitudinal rib plate.

The machine weight is 7.5t (5.5t for crushing machine of the same specification) due to unreasonable arrangement and too many side wall reinforcing bars.

Of course, the weight of the aircraft is not entirely due to these two factors.

The position and direction of side wall bars should also be determined according to the stress situation.

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