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The crawler movement jaw crusher returns the material phenom

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When crawler moving jaw crushing station is working, there may be return material phenomenon: material is not squeezed by movable jaw plate and fixed jaw plate, but is squeezed out of the feeding port.

Not only does this reduce productivity, it can also be harmful.

How can we solve the problem of returning material in the work of jaw crushing station?

The cause of the broken jaw

1. The crawler moving jaw crushing station has its own problems

The new crawler jaw crusher parts and components do not conform to the size of the drawing, such as the length and thickness of the jaw plate, the length and bracket Angle of the bracket, the size of the inner cavity of the frame and so on.

After being used for a long time, the included Angle of the two jaw plates is more than twice the friction Angle, so that the friction between the material and the jaw plate cannot produce enough friction force to overcome the upward component of crushing force, and the material is extruded under the action of vertical upward force, sliding towards the direction of the feed port.

2. Unbalanced force on materials

The force of the material to be broken in the vertical direction in the crushing cavity is easy to be unbalanced.

3. The discharge port is too wide

The same specifications of jaw crusher, discharge mouth width is more likely to appear when the phenomenon of return.

During the crushing process, the material contacts with the jaw plate directly, causing friction.

The greater the wear and tear on the jaw, the greater the chance of return.

4. The size difference of the materials to be broken is too large

When the size of the crusher to be broken material differences, it is easy to return to the phenomenon.

The solution of broken jaw regurgitation

1. According to the material conditions, use the crusher of appropriate specifications.

2. When the jaw plate is worn out and returns to materials, repair or replace the new jaw plate in time.

3, when the material size difference is too large, the first screening;

The coarse jaw crushing station carries on the preprocessing, then carries on the finishing processing with the fine jaw crushing station, this may guarantee the material processing request.

4, in the joint surface of the movable jaw and the movable jaw plate, add a wedge plate, to reduce the included Angle of the two jaw plate, make it meet the included Angle of the two jaw plate is less than two times the friction Angle, eliminate the phenomenon of returning material.

5. The protective plate can be welded over the jaw feeding port to prevent the material from flying out of the feeding port and endangering the personal safety of the operator.

Note: operators must pay attention to safety after the return of materials.

When the jaw crusher returns, maintenance personnel should find out the cause and make corresponding countermeasures, so as not to affect production.

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