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Attention for maintenance of jaw crusher

Jaw crusher mainly has eccentric shaft, pulley, frame, flywheel and reset spring, bracket, fixed jaw plate and movable jaw plate and other important components.

The working environment is harsh and various faults often occur during the operation. In order to ensure the stable operation of the equipment and improve the performance of the equipment, it is very important to do the daily maintenance.

Jaw crusher maintenance is generally divided into three different degrees of maintenance, minor repair, repair and overhaul.


Minor repair

Minor repair repair of the main content is to check and repair the corresponding adjustment device, to a certain adjustment of row ore mouth gap, and then to replace has been worn lining board, handling of the thrust plate also want to do so, repair and replace the corresponding transmission component, for individual part of crusher for cleaning, lubricating oil of mechanical overall besmear again, repair and adjust machinery lubrication system and so on.

The general frequency of minor repair is half a month to a month, according to the overall operation of the machinery to deal with.


To repair

The medium repair not only includes all the items of minor repair, but also changes the worn structure such as tie rod, liner, shaft liner, thrust plate, etc., and checks the turning, grinding and casting eccentric shaft tiles, and some shaft tiles such as connecting rod head and power shaft tiles shall be treated accordingly.

The interval time of medium repair should also be determined according to the wear and tear of the whole machine. In general, once a year can meet the operation requirements of the machine.



The main content of overhaul includes all the projects of medium repair, such as the replacement of eccentric shaft of the crusher, the casting of babbitt alloy reinforcement on the head of connecting rod, the replacement of all worn parts and component structure, and the realization of technical innovation of the whole crusher and equipment.

There is no specific time limit for the overhaul, based on the usual level of inspection.

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