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Jaw crusher main components

Jaw crusher main components are: frame, jaw part, shaft parts, gear plate, regulating mechanism, power system.

(1) rack

The frame is the supporting part of the whole equipment. The tooth plate and the moving jaw are installed inside the frame to form a crushing cavity. The bearing block on the upper end is the supporting part of the main shaft of the crusher.

(2) the moving jaw

Movable jaw is mainly composed of movable tooth plate, movable jaw and chipped iron. Its main function is to crush materials through the power transmitted by eccentric shaft to achieve the required granularity.

(3) the upper part of the axis

The main parts of the shaft are bearing, eccentric shaft, belt wheel, flywheel seal, etc., whose function is to transfer power to the eccentric shaft through the belt wheel, and then transfer torque and displacement through the eccentric shaft.

(4) tooth plate

Tooth plate is an indispensable part of the crusher, crusher through the motor to transmit the power of the final action by the tooth plate on the material to make the material broken, because the tooth plate and material contact for a long time, the tooth plate material and life requirements are very high.

The carefully designed tooth plate in this study greatly increases the life span and is very convenient to remove and replace.

(5) regulating mechanism

The regulating mechanism is mainly composed of bracket, bracket, tie rod and tie rod spring.

The adjusting mechanism can adjust the size of the discharge port to adjust the size of the discharge, and the bracket will automatically break when the steel is stuck, so as to protect the equipment.

(6) power system

The power system mainly refers to the drive system, which is composed of motor, motor belt pulley, conveyor belt and other components. The power of the crushed stone is output by the motor and transmitted to the eccentric shaft through the belt pulley and belt. The eccentric shaft drives the tooth plate on the jaw plate to achieve the purpose of material crushing.
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