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Crushing force properties of jaw crusher

When the jaw crusher crushes materials, the force exerted by the crushing board in the crushing chamber on the crushed object is called crushing force.

The maximum value of crushing force when full load crushing is called the maximum crushing force.

Crushing force is the primary data of strength and stiffness of each part of jaw crusher.

Whether the crushing force is calculated correctly or not will directly affect the strength and stiffness of jaw crusher parts, and affect the reliability and service life of jaw crusher.

However, the factors affecting the properties, size and location of crushing force are extremely complex.

Therefore, it is very important to analyze and study the crushing force carefully and calculate its size and operating point position accurately.

According to the material crushing test conducted by PE750×1060 compound pendulum jaw crusher, the crushing load in the crushing cavity is distributed along the tooth surface, and the resultant force is the crushing force.

When the jaw crusher moving jaw swing back and forth, the crusher connecting rod or the two crushing board that constitute the crushing cavity bear the crushing force is from zero to the maximum, and then from the maximum to zero, and the maximum crushing force occurs at the corner of the eccentric shaft.

Jaw crusher in a crushing cycle, the crushing force is according to the pulsating cycle load to change.

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