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concrete crusher

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Concrete crusher, also known as jaw crusher, is suitable for metallurgy, mining, construction, chemical industry, water conservancy and railway departments, as fine crushing, medium crushing compressive strength under 250Mpa for various kinds of ores and rocks.

With large crushing ratio, uniform particle size of finished products, low power consumption, convenient maintenance and other characteristics.

The characteristics of

1. The crushing cavity is deep and has no dead zone, which improves the feeding capacity and output.

2. Its crushing ratio is large and product granularity is uniform.

3, gasket type discharge port adjustment device, reliable and convenient, wide adjustment range, increase the flexibility of the equipment.

4, the lubrication system is safe and reliable, easy replacement of components, simple maintenance of equipment.

5. Simple structure, reliable work and low operating cost.

Equipment energy saving: single machine energy saving 15%~30%, system energy saving more than one time.

6. Large adjustment range of discharge port, which can meet the requirements of different users.

7. Low noise and dust.

Vulnerable structure

Bracket, side guard, fixed jaw, movable jaw, spring, bearing, triangle belt, bracket.

The type of jaw crusher is mainly divided according to the width of the feed mouth, the width of the feed mouth below 300mm is a small jaw crusher, the width of the feed mouth in the middle of 300-600 is medium jaw, the width of the feed mouth above 600 (including 600) is a large jaw crusher.

The working principle of

PE, PEX series jaw crusher is with motor as power, through the motor pulley, eccentric shaft driven by a triangle and the sheave, the moving jaw at predetermined trajectory broken material for reciprocating motion, thus will enter the fixed jaw, jaw and side guard plate of crushing chamber of the material to be broken, and through the lower part of the discharging mouth of the finished material discharge, materials so as to get what you want.

Matters needing attention

The machine before use should check each part fasteners, lubrication part and each bolt, in particular, the lubrication parts must keep enough oil, will loose bolts tighten and tailings, and then clean up the broken cavity again on production, under the normal work of homogeneous, shall not be under a foot, don't add much, too much can cause mechanical blockage.

The movable jaw plate, the static jaw plate, the side guard plate, the roof plate are vulnerable parts, pay attention to the maintenance.

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