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Optimization and improvement of jaw crusher

  The traditional jaw crusher is widely used in industry because of its advantages of simple structure, reliable work, easy manufacture, convenient maintenance, low price and strong applicability.

  Its disadvantages are discontinuous breakage, low efficiency, small breakage, uneven jaw wear caused by uneven ore feeding.

  In view of its shortcomings, all countries have made improvements in the following aspects: optimize the structure and the movement track to improve the crushing cavity type, in order to increase the crushing ratio, improve the crushing efficiency, reduce wear, reduce energy consumption, has been widely used in high and small crushing cavity Angle;

  The suspension mode of the movable jaw and the supporting mode of the lining plate are improved to improve the performance of the crusher.

  The new wear-resistant material is adopted for the jaw plate, which reduces the wear consumption.

  Improved automation level (automatic regulation, overload protection, automatic lubrication, etc.).
  At the same time, there are some new models, such as double cavity double jaw crusher, its crushing ratio can be reached, discharge port adjustment is convenient, large output;

  Double pendulum jaw crusher, with both jaw crusher and cone crusher, its output is 50% higher than the crusher of the same specification.

  There is a screening jaw crusher, the screening and crushing combined into one, not only can simplify the process flow, and can meet the particle size requirements of the material from the crushing cavity in time, reduce the crusher blocking and over-crushing, improve the production capacity, reduce the energy consumption.

  In the aspect of large scale, the jaw crusher of 1500mm×2100mm has been produced at home and abroad.

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