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The key link of jaw crusher operation

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   Jaw crusher because of simple structure, crushing ratio, so widely used in all walks of life, let's look at the jaw crusher daily operation of six key links.

          No-load test

  1. Before the test, it is necessary to confirm that the connection bolts are tightened and the moving parts are lubricated.

  2. Continuous operation for 2 hours, bearing temperature rise shall not exceed 30℃.

  3, continuous operation for 8 hours, bearing temperature rise does not exceed 35℃.

  4, flywheel, groove wheel smooth operation, all parts without friction, chip and grinding phenomenon, all normal sound.

  5. There is no obvious movement between the adjustment wedge and the rear box of the frame.

  Preparatory work before starting

  1. Carefully check whether the lubrication of the bearing is good and whether there is enough lubricating oil at the joints of the bracket.

  2. Check whether all fasteners are tightened completely.

  3, carefully check whether the transmission belt is installed correctly and in good condition, if there is any damage phenomenon, should be replaced in time, when there is oil on the belt or belt pulley, apply cloth to wipe it.

  4, check whether the protective device is good, found unsafe phenomenon, should be promptly eliminated.

  6, check whether there is ore or debris in the crushing cavity.

  If there is any ore or debris, it must be cleaned to ensure that the crusher is started without load.

  Start the request

  1. The machine cannot be started until it is proved to be in normal condition by inspection.

  2. Start without load.

  3, start, must be used in advance bell or signal warning.

  4, after starting, if there is abnormal phenomenon, should immediately stop the operation, until the detection and elimination of abnormal conditions, before starting the crusher again.

  Using the operating

  1. Feeding can only start after the crusher runs normally.

  2, to be broken materials should be evenly added to the crusher cavity, to avoid side feeding or full feeding, so as to avoid unilateral overload or overload.

  3. Under normal working conditions, the temperature rise of the bearing shall not exceed 30℃, and the maximum temperature shall not exceed 70℃. When the temperature exceeds the above mentioned temperature, the bearing shall stop immediately, find out the reason and eliminate it.

  4. Before stopping the machine, the feeding shall be stopped and the motor can be turned off only after the material in the crushing cavity is completely discharged.

  5. In case of crushing, if the machine stops because of blocking of materials in the crushing cavity, the motor should be immediately shut down and the material can be discharged before starting again.

  6. After the crusher is used for a period of time, all fixed parts shall be re-locked.

  7. The lower part of the bracket should be cleaned regularly, so as to keep the space between the bracket and the moving jaw free from debris.

  7. After one end of the jaw is worn, it can be used in turn (according to specific conditions).

  Lubrication matters

  1. Always pay attention to and timely lubricate the friction surface to ensure the normal operation of the machine and extend the service life of the equipment.

  2. The grease used is universal lithium base grease or complex calcium base grease, or the grease required by the manufacturer.

  3. Add the grease in the bearing block to make up about 50% of its space volume. Add the grease every nine shifts and replace it every 3-6 months.

  Clean the raceway of ball bearings with gasoline or kerosene when changing oil.

  5. Proper amount of grease shall be injected between bracket and bracket seat.

  Security technology

  1. Machine operators shall be educated in safety technology before operation.

  2. It is strictly forbidden to peep into the machine from above during operation.

  3. It is strictly prohibited to make any adjustment, cleaning or maintenance of the machine during operation.

  4. It is strictly forbidden to move or move ore directly by hand in the feeding port or crushing cavity during the operation of the equipment.

  6, electrical equipment should be connected to the ground, wire should be reliable insulation, and installed in the hose.

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