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Important parts of jaw crusher installation precautions

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Jaw crusher is usually installed on the cement foundation, because the crusher vibration is large, need to separate the foundation of the crusher from the factory foundation, in the assembly of the crusher, first need to install the crusher frame on the foundation, and then the other parts in order to install.

Installation of jaw crusher frame

In the installation of jaw crusher frame should be between the frame and the concrete pad some of the things that can absorb vibration, such as: hardwood, rubber, etc., the installation of the frame on the foundation or on the wood base of the horizontal and vertical level should meet the installation requirements of equipment.

When mounting the rack, its horizontal and longitudinal levelness on the foundation shall be less than 0.2mm.

Assembly points of eccentric shaft and bearing of jaw crusher

Before the shaft and bearing assembly, need to do research with sliding bearing, and then put it in the sliding bearing seat, by using the level of its place levelness and coaxial degree for testing, if the measurement results meet the requirements, the eccentric shaft is installed on the bearing, again through the daub on the shaft neck red lead powder to see cooperation between shaft and bearing.

If there are too many high points on the surface of sliding bearing, further scraping shall be carried out until the high points between its contact surfaces disappear. Finally, some lubricating oil shall be applied between the bearing seat and the bearing to reduce the wear of the shaft. The contact area between the eccentric shaft sliding and the rack shall be no less than 80%, and the clearance shall be less than 0.07mm.

3 jaw crusher connecting rod installation

After the above parts are installed in place, connecting rod can be installed. Before connecting rod assembly, the connecting rod and the position needed for assembly should be carefully checked. After no problem, the connecting rod should be lifted by a crane, and the whole connecting rod should be cleaned with gasoline or kerosene.

Then on bearings, shaft, bearing and connecting rod on the shell, and then lift the connecting rod, the connecting rod with the connecting rod bolt and screw down the, such as between shell on the connecting rod and connecting rod with liner, which cooperate closely not cause leakage, deal with liner for processing or install a new gasket, if conditions allow, can through the outside connecting rod and main shaft parts assembled in driving to integral into frame after use.

4 jaw crusher floor installation points

The jaw broken floor in the assembly and disassembly can be loosened by the pull rod spring nut, remove the spring, and then use the chain or steel wire rope tied in the lower part of the moving jaw, and then use the driving wire rope, make the moving jaw close to the fixed jaw, and then the floor will automatically fall off, the installation only need to reverse the steps can be repeated.

Key points for the installation of jaw crusher jaw

First, the moving jaw parts for the corresponding assembly, on the ground to move the jaw, jaw shaft, movable teeth plate, floor mat assembly is completed, and then use the crane or crane will assemble the good parts together in the crusher frame.

For the sliding bearing, it is necessary to match the bearing with the bearing seat first, so as to install the sliding bearing in place. Meanwhile, the coaxiality and inclination of the assembly of the sliding bearing are tested. The inclination is ensured to be 0.2mm, and the coaxiality is less than 0.06mm, so as to complete the assembly of the moving jaw.

Installation points of 6 jaw crusher tooth plate

Jaw crusher tooth plate is directly used for crushing ore components, its structure is simple, but due to frequent contact with ore, need to be replaced, tooth plate cross-section structure shape has smooth surface and grid surface two kinds, due to its weight, need to make easy to replace the structure.

The tooth plate is fixed with bolts or wedges, which are fixed on the front wall of the frame or on the movable jaw, and the contact surface between the two must be straight. If there is a high point in the contact, it needs to be treated in time.

Because the inner side of the front wall of the frame is not processed, a layer of soft metal gasket is put between the back of the fixed jaw plate and the front wall of the frame to ensure the tightness of its combination.

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