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The method of noise control for cement factory fan

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The noise generated by the fan is an important noise source in the cement plant, which can sometimes reach 105 dB(A).Has produced serious noise pollution to the surrounding sound environment, does not conform to the national noise standards, if not promptly to control then can only be discontinued.Therefore, cement factory in the daily industrial production, must do a good job in the noise control fan, reduce the noise pollution of cement factory enterprises in the largest extent.

Specific effective measures to solve the noise pollution of the fan are as follows:

1. Install mufflers in the inlet and outlet pipes of the fan.

A large amount of air flow will be discharged in the fan pipe. If glass fiber, sound-absorbing cotton and other sound-absorbing materials are placed close to the inner wall of the wind pipe, they can absorb part of the noise.

The principle of using muffler is to use these sound absorbing materials to absorb the incoming noise.

2. Pay attention to the length of muffler and the number of muffler elbows. If the effective length of muffler is relatively long, the muffler elbows can absorb a considerable part of the noise.

3. The air duct of the fan shall be wrapped with sound insulation damping material, which can reduce the noise pollution of the air duct in the transmission path.

4. Soundproof machine room shall be set up to isolate the fan in a closed space without affecting the normal work, so that the noise generated by the fan during operation cannot be transmitted outward.

5. Sound insulation and vibration reduction for the fan during noise control.

Use shock absorbers and other equipment to add shock absorbers to mechanical parts that are prone to vibration noise.
It is necessary to find the noise source and adopt appropriate noise control measures to effectively solve the problem of noise pollution.

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