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Design of ventilation and dust removal in cement factory pro

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The ventilation dust removal process design of cement factory production line is a very important part in the whole cement production line. Its main task is to control the dust, harmful gas, high temperature and high humidity generated in the production process to create a good production environment and protect the atmosphere.Relevant researchers also need to pay enough attention to it, and the appropriate dust removal technology into the ventilation dust removal design of cement plant, while effectively improving the use efficiency of cement raw materials, put forward a more high-quality, environmental protection dust removal technology for cement plant production line.

1. Process design principles of cement plant

For the process design of cement factory production line, the key work is to choose the right process parameters and process lines. In the process of selection, the main principles to be followed include the following: collect reliable basic data, and targeted analysis, determine a reasonable production line layout;

In the design process, safety requirements should be met, and production energy consumption should be reduced to avoid secondary pollution during production.

Determine the reasonable processing capacity and technology, and require the processing technology to meet the requirements of mature, reasonable and advanced technology.

2. Technical requirements for ventilation and dust removal process design of cement plant

2.1 reasonable selection of dust remover

In the filter selection should be combined with the production technology of cement production line, due to a variety of production technology of cement production line is not entirely the same, when making the selection of the corresponding dust removal equipment should be targeted for different production mode selection, mode of production that the exhaust gas produced by different lead to the final production characteristic is different also, so when select the dust collector should be a focus and focus.

2.2 selection of high-efficiency dust remover

In the process design of cement plant, an efficient dust collector should be selected to reduce the discharge concentration effectively.

The primary dust removal system should be used while selecting efficient dust removal technology to minimize energy consumption and reduce system resistance on the basis of simplifying system flow, so as to maintain the normal operation of the system.

2.3 should give priority to in order to control for cement production line,

in the process equipment in use process, should strengthen the sealing process, and mainly to prevent the use of best way, for all kinds of problems of ventilation and dust removal system, including air leakage, plugging pipe, need in a timely manner to solve problems such as dust removal efficiency, reduce dust removal efficiency, avoid these causes in order to fundamentally solve the problem of ventilation and dust removal of cement production process.

3. Management measures of ventilation and dust removal system

3.1 inspection of electricity facilities

It is very important for the management of the ventilation and dust removal system to check the electrical facilities.

Especially for the frequent inspection and maintenance of the site, should be set up a safety channel, in the inspection and maintenance, if there is a danger to the safety of moving objects, all need to set up a protective cover.

Cover plates or safety rails should be provided at openings where people may enter and fall into danger.

The interior of dust removal equipment should be equipped with 36V maintenance lighting, the platform, ladder, storage bin and ash transport device of large and medium dust remover should be equipped with 220V lighting, and the applicable light source is mercury lamp or sodium lamp.

3.2 fire and explosion prevention of equipment

For dust removal equipment, because of the air contains a lot of dust, the dust is belong to fuel, and it's easy to appear the phenomenon of explosion, once encounter sparks, metal collision phenomenon will appear, such as explosion, once an explosion consequences is very serious, so you need to measures for fire and explosion prevention, dust removal equipment in the polishing workshop should avoid cloth wheel, in turn, metal contact, avoid to produce edm, at the same time in the process of dust workshop production operation must formulate the corresponding operation standard, avoid the generation of fire and explosion.

3.3 management of bag dust collector

Before the operation of dust removal equipment, it is necessary to check whether the inspection doors of the dust remover are closed strictly and whether the rotating or transmission parts are well lubricated.

When dealing with hot and wet dust gas, the dust collector should preheat the filter bag before starting to make it exceed the dew point temperature, so as to prevent dust particles from sticking to the filter bag.

Generally preheat about 5 ~ 15min.

During the preheating period, the filter bag and fan should be operated all the time, while the flying mechanism should not be operated.

After preheating, the whole system can be put into normal operation.

If the system is equipped with hot air heating device, it should be run first;

When running, it is necessary to keep the ash discharging device under the dust bucket of the dust collector running.

It is not suitable to use dueling the lower part of the dust collector as ash storage;

Check periodically whether the pressure loss of the dust collector meets the design requirements, and whether the flying mechanism operates normally;

After stopping the vehicle, the flying mechanism should run for several minutes to remove dust from the filter bag.

Check the filter bag frequently for any breakage or falling off, and solve the problem immediately.

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