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How can cement plant machinery save energy?

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How can cement plant machinery save energy?

These questions often haunt cement owners.As we all know, cement industry ranks among the six major power consumption industries in China, and it is also the main application field of small and medium-sized electromechanical equipment. The greater the energy consumption, the higher the potential of energy saving.Although the price is 15%~30% higher than the ordinary motor, but in general, its higher than the ordinary mechanical and electrical equipment one-time investment can be generally recovered within 1~3 years.Driven by the national energy saving environment, it is imperative that the high voltage frequency control is adopted for the dynamic load driven by 10k.

Current status of motor configuration and energy saving in cement plant

Cement plant regardless of the size of equipment are used by the motor drive, which is 90% ac asynchronous motor, and about 50% is high voltage motor, which about 70% of the drag fan and other types of load, and this kind of load has a large department of speed regulation.Using frequency conversion and energy saving motor are two important ways to improve motor operation efficiency.

At present, high-voltage frequency converters in haidou are all adopted unit serial-type multilevel frequency converter technology, whose output voltage can reach 10kV or even higher, with good input and output waveform, and low harmonic pollution to the power grid.Super efficient electric performance consumes more than 30% energy saving than ordinary electric performance, and can save electric energy for enterprises in the whole production cycle.According to gb18613-2006 "small and medium-sized three-phase asynchronous electric performance efficiency limit value and energy efficiency grade", our country divides the electric performance efficiency into three levels, the energy efficiency first level is super efficient motor, the energy efficiency second level is efficient motor, the energy efficiency third level is ordinary motor.

In the design process of cement production line, the first choice of appropriate motor power, not only in line with the national energy saving policy, but also reduce the financial pressure of enterprises, more importantly, for the future survival and development of enterprises to create a good economic basis and development environment.

As we all know, the optimal operating efficiency of the motor generally occurs in the load rate of 0.7~0.85, too high and too low load rate, not only will reduce the use efficiency of the motor, but also will cause great harm to the motor itself, thereby increasing the maintenance cost and maintenance cost.

The development trend of motor energy saving

In the national energy conservation and environmental protection industry development plan, the application of efficient energy conservation technology and equipment is an important part.Most high-voltage motors in China are 10kV. The efficient motor process is made of optimized design and high-quality materials, and its energy consumption can be reduced by about 20%.

A. Energy saving through frequency conversion and speed regulation

In actual operation, the system requirement of air volume will change along with the change of conditions, yield, because the frequency converter can be according to the actual need to adjust the motor speed in real time, can make the motor run under the most energy-efficient speed, reduce the power consumption light carriage row, wide speed range, high controlling accuracy, high efficiency, and can achieve motor soft start, start to reduce impact and equipment wear and tear, reduce the comprehensive power of the motor running, this way of energy saving and energy saving effect is remarkable, general power saving rate was 20% ~ 30%, sometimes even reached 50%, and the most important thing is:The investment payback period is short, and the whole investment can be recovered soon.At present in the traditional cement factory, the most widely used way to adjust the air volume is to use electric actuator to adjust the wind shield, by adjusting the opening of the wind shield to adjust the required air volume.

Once in a cement plant a plant load calculation, according to the process by motor power, theoretical calculation of matching transformer load rate of around 0.75, but in the actual operation of the load rate was just under 0.6, the serious phenomenon of "big horse car" not only extravagance and equipment resources, and stretched out the precious electricity.

B. Use efficient motor to achieve energy saving

From the point of view of energy saving and environmental protection, high-efficiency motor is not only the cement plant but also the development trend of all industries in the sea.Below average circumstance, cement factory basically produces workshop (raw material grinders workshop, rotary kiln and cement grind workshop) electric motor is 24h continuous working system mostly, working time is long, working load is opposite not disorderly also, these characteristics are helpful for the promotion of efficient electric motor in cement factory and use.Coupled with the use of gate control valve caused by the loss of resistance, severe impact on the economic operation of equipment, improve this way of regulation is imperative.For example: the fan, water pump, compressor load, its uniform system operating efficiency is about 50%.With the construction of large-scale basic measures and the rapid development of social economy, the construction of large and medium-sized cement plants is becoming more and more perfect, with the consequent energy conservation and emission reduction tasks commensurate heavy.

With the increasing awareness of the industry, new gains will be made in the design of the new cement production line, which will reduce the mechanical energy consumption during the operation and provide guidance for the benign operation of the equipment!

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