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How to install dust remover in vertical kiln of cement facto

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Notes for installing dust remover in vertical kiln of cement factory, moisture content of flue gas in vertical kiln is above 10%, dew point is 45-55, such as high sulfur in coal burning, its dew point will rise, so it is easy to produce condensation phenomenon.Once the cold condensation dew, it must form an acid, aggravating the corrosion of the metal.Many manufacturers use vertical kiln electric dust remover, water film dust removal because the corrosion problem has not been solved, equipment failure, resulting in investment waste, dust pollution is still.At the same time, the dust concentration and temperature fluctuated widely in the flue gas of vertical kiln, which was related to the calcining process of various factories.The nature of dust and smoke varies greatly with the characteristics of materials, which puts forward higher requirements for the use of dust removal equipment and brings great difficulties to the maintenance and management of equipment.The dust concentration of flue gas of vertical kiln is not high, generally 1-10g/m3.The flue gas dust is mainly the raw material powder produced after the material ball is dried, the fine particles flying out of the pre-heating zone and the burned zone, and the potassium salt particle dust which is volatilized and condensed by the pre-heating zone in the burned zone.

It is impossible to make vertical kiln exhaust emission concentration less than 30mg/Nm3, relying on settling chamber, cyclone dust collector, water dust collector as final dust collector.There are two possible solutions.One is the use of a bag filter.At present, there are glass fiber bag precipitator (all steel structure and brick mix structure) and CD series long bag pulse bag precipitator.The wind speed of glass fiber bag filter should be less than 0.5m/min, and that of pulse bag filter should be less than 0.8m/min.Both types of filter bags are required to be resistant to high temperature, oil and water, and hydrolysis.The second is to use the WDJ series electric dust collector, whose electric field number is 4, otherwise it is difficult to make the emission concentration of particulate matter less than 30mg/Nm3.

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