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The necessity of applying intelligent inspection in cement p

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With Jiangsu Lvssn launching intelligent cement inspection equipment in the field of cement production, it has attracted wide attention in domestic cement production enterprises. How much does inspection equipment have on cement plants? How much is it necessary for cement companies to patrol equipment? Then let's take a look at the "necessity of applying smart inspections in cement plants."

Today, Xiaobian learned from the interview of Jiangsu Lvssn Cement Intelligent Business Department that the cement inspection robot is an important mechanical equipment of the cement plant. In the daily inspection work, it replaces the manual inspection, and the intelligent inspection system adopts the automation function. Independent inspections were carried out and data records were transmitted to the terminals, making an important contribution to the inspection work of the cement plant.

Intelligentization refers to the process of achieving the desired goal through automatic detection, information processing, analysis and judgment, and manipulation control according to the procedures set by people without the direct participation of no one or few people. To achieve this goal, cement equipment not only needs rich experience in cement production operation management, but also has great requirements for software development strength. Jiangsu Lvssn has been engaged in the field of cement engineering for many years and has its own advantages in the design, construction and operation management of cement plants. In combination with the production, research and research cooperation of many research institutes such as Nanjing University and Wuhan University of Science and Technology, we have successfully launched intelligent automatic control software products that can be applied to the cement production and processing industry.

Xiaobian recently visited the cement patrol robot in the Jiangsu Lvssn collaborative cement company. When the reporter saw the “Senyu” robot in the cement operation area, he was working on the guide rails seriously, only to see him staying for a while. Patrol, stop at the front of the device for a while to swing the head. In the process of advancement, although no one guides, it can automatically select the optimal path, and upload the inspection data to the background, and complete the tour every hour. Inspection work.

As a big country of industrial manufacturing and artificial intelligence, China has a good foundation for processing and manufacturing. While the state has introduced encouraging policies to assist enterprises in the transformation and upgrading, it will promote the penetration of artificial intelligence into more traditional fields, and high-level integration will bring new enterprises. The vitality of the company also requires more companies like Jiangsu Lvssn to deepen their high-tech achievements by deepening their software products into the traditional cement manufacturing industry. While improving its own value, it will help the manufacturing industry to upgrade, improve global competitiveness and achieve more economic benefits.

Today, we can refer to the reference for the necessity of applying intelligent inspections in cement plants. I hope this article is useful to everyone.

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