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Analysis of pulsed bag filter for cement factory

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Cement plant industrial dust is the first major producer of atmospheric dust emission in China. How to control and further reduce dust emission is always the focus of cement industry emission reduction.With the adjustment of China's cement industry policy, the cement production process lines have been enlarged. Each of these large cement production lines has a large number of dust removers, and the kiln head and kiln tail dust removal is the key to dust emission in the cement industry.

The pulsed bag-filter on the top of cement warehouse is the first choice. The pulsed bag-filter on the top of cement warehouse is composed of three parts: upper box body, middle box body and dust-cleaning system.The upper box body includes a lifting cover plate, a fan and an outlet.

There are flower board hole, filter bag and bag cage in the box body.

The injection system includes pulse control instrument, pulse valve, spray pipe and air storage package.

Warehouse top pulse bag filter working principle is: the dust gas from the lower part of filter in the inlet into the enclosure, dust in the process of gas through the filter bag into the enclosure, due to the effect of various effects of the filter bag separate dust gas, dust adsorbed on the filter bag, and clean gas to wear on the filter bag into the box, fan to expel from the atmosphere.

As the time goes by, more and more dust will accumulate on the filter bag.

Increased the resistance of the filter bag, resulting in a gradual reduction of the amount of gas passing through the filter bag.

In order to control the resistance within a limited range and maintain the required amount of gas through, the controller gives instructions and triggers each control valve to open the pulse valve in order to compress the air in the air bag.It is ejected through the pulse valve to each hole of the spray pipe instantaneously and sprayed into each corresponding filter bag.

The filter bag expands rapidly under the instantaneous action of airflow, which makes the dust accumulated on the surface of the filter bag fall off and the filter bag is regenerated.The dust cleared falls into the dust bucket and is discharged through the ash discharge valve.The dust accumulated on the filter bag is cleaned by periodic pulse spraying, so that the purified gas can pass through normally, ensuring the normal operation of the dust removal system.

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