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The reason of explosion of refractory castable in cement kil

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Reduce production cost, in order to improve the rotary kiln operation rate and production efficiency.Most cement production enterprises have the problem of heavy production task and short maintenance time.

For cement production enterprise, repair, overhaul time control at 8 ~ 15 days, but our country cement kiln using more predominantly hydraulic combined with low cement series refractory castables, its construction, maintenance and baking must satisfy certain cycle, therefore in the construction period is short, fast drying kiln, prone to castable burst phenomenon, especially some special bidding castable, production line baking burst in feeding, to stay kiln to pouring, bring unnecessary loss.

The reason that produces blowout has 4 kinds commonly: it is each cement production enterprise production task is heavy, the production line of 5000 tons of cement of a day, the production amount of a day is about 1 million yuan, because this is most cement factory existence overhaul needs the circumstance that rush against time, in order to open kiln production at an early date, have to compress the conserve of castable and baking time.

Second, at present, the refractory castable material used in cement kilts in China is mainly made of SiO2Al2O3 system, and its binding agent is the fast hardening and high strength cement mainly made of aluminate cement, which requires sufficient curing time and reasonable baking system after the completion of construction of castable, and the required time is relatively long.

Third, the overhaul of China's cement industry is basically entrusted to the furnace company, the professional level of the construction team, whether the construction standard will have an impact on the construction quality and use effect of refractory castable.

Fourth, some special parts of cement kiln, such as front kiln products, kiln head cover, top of cooling machine and side wall, etc., have great difficulty in baking.

For these parts, some cement enterprises do not use wood baking, partial enterprises only for a short time of baking.

Burner stage of drying kiln, as a result of cement kiln process parameters, the control of heat flow all in preheater system of a certain speed to communicate and radiation, and the kiln head cover only local radiation heat and cold machine, the heat's lack of castable of free water to fully discharge, began to continual production system of the heat flow at the kiln head back within a short time, at the same time, the high temperature clinker began in kiln hood accumulation, cause the kiln head cover, cold machine parts, the temperature rise sharply, at this point, the most prone to castable burst, falls off phenomenon.

The above various factors caused by the cement manufacturers during the maintenance of pouring material burst problem is more prominent, cause every year there are cement factories due to pouring material explosion measures not done well, baking system is not reasonable, causing kiln head cover, cold machine pouring material burst, collapse.

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