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Energy saving of cement air compressor

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Cement production is a high-energy-consuming industry. The biggest challenge for cement plants is energy consumption (heat and electricity consumption), which accounts for 50% to 70% of production costs. In recent years, central and local governments have strengthened control over the energy-intensive cement industry, demanding improved eco-efficiency and sustainability, and introduced regulations and fines regulations, urging cement companies to reduce energy consumption and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Therefore, how to tap the potential of cement energy consumption and improve energy efficiency through refined management is a topic that every cement company must face.

In a typical cement plant, the air compressor consumes 20-25% of the total power consumption of the plant. If the power consumption of the air compressor can be reduced by 15%, the total power consumption of the plant can be reduced by 2-3%.

The purchase of air compressors generates a large purchase cost. However, this cost only accounts for 7% of the cost of air compressors. The maintenance cost of air compressors only accounts for 8%. The most cost is the most difficult to pay attention to. It is the electricity cost of the air compressor, which accounts for 85% of the cost of the air compressor during the entire life cycle.

From all aspects, reducing electricity costs can save energy.

The energy saving path of air compressors can be started from the following points:

1. The current status of the use of air compressors by energy-saving diagnostic equipment;

Judging whether an air compressor is energy-saving, after testing the unit input specific power, look at GB 19153-2009 "Volume-type air compressor energy efficiency limit value and energy efficiency rating" can be known, GB 19153-2009 twin-screw air compressor The energy efficiency rating is clearly divided. According to the calculation, the energy-efficient unit of the first-class energy-saving unit is 15% less than the second-level energy-efficient unit, and saves 30% compared with the third-level energy-efficient unit.

Second, replace the more energy-efficient units;

Due to advances in technology, both the two-stage compression and the permanent magnet frequency conversion can easily achieve the first-class energy efficiency of the screw air compressor, and even exceed the energy efficiency of the first-class.Two-stage compression reduces the compression ratio of each stage, reduces internal leakage, improves volumetric efficiency, reduces bearing load, and improves the life of the mainframe. Two-stage compression replaces single-stage compression, and the displacement increases by nearly 15%. 15% energy saving effect.

Due to its superior motor efficiency and the energy consumption of the common unit's empty load conversion, the permanent magnet frequency conversion unit can greatly improve the machine operation efficiency and save energy. Our company used a Unitec UDT110 two-stage compression permanent magnet variable frequency screw air compressor to replace four air compressors produced by a certain brand in a cement factory in Sichuan. The operation shows that the customer opens a production line to save 1200 degrees per day. , open two lines every day to save 600 degrees, the energy saving effect is very significant!

Third, improve the air compression pipeline system to achieve the best state;

Air leakage is a direct waste. Air leakage causes a pressure drop in the compression pipe, which causes the air compressor to pressurize. For every kilogram of pressure, the system energy consumption increases by 7%, and the maintenance and maintenance costs are increased. The larger the pore size and pressure, the more air leakage. The leakage cost of a 1mm hole for one year is about 2,700 yuan!

Fourth, the effective use of linkage control system;

When multiple air compressor units in the cement plant work at the same time, the joint control system can maximize the energy-saving effect. By monitoring the system pressure in real time, stopping the unnecessary air compressor operation, the number of air compressors is controlled. The most suitable range. In the past, a factory used four 37kW ordinary air compressors, and replaced one of them with the Unistats two-stage compression permanent magnet variable frequency screw air compressor and added the joint control program, saving 160,000 yuan a year!

5. Maintain and maintain the air compressor to save energy.

If the filter inside the air compressor is clogged, the energy consumption increases. For example: oil is clogged. Because of the blockage, a pressure loss will occur, and this pressure drop must be boosted by the compressor to bring the system pressure to the required value. When the three filter pressure drops to 1 bar, the system needs to increase energy consumption by 7%, resulting in energy loss. Take the 37kW machine as an example, the annual operation is 7200 hours, and the annual energy consumption is about 18000 degrees.

In summary, all plant equipment managers can check that your air compressor has reached Level 1 energy efficiency level? Is your air compressor system matching properly? Is your air compressor piping system reasonable? Is your air compressor system Nissan management in place?

For the bag dust removal and instrument gas system, there are mainly the following problems:

1. The machine is more than 8 years old, and some air compressors have a service period of more than 13 years;

2. There are many single-screw compressors, which have serious gas attenuation and huge energy consumption;

3. Almost all of the compressors are used for pressure reduction of atmospheric compressors. The internal pressure of the air compressor system is generally higher than the pressure of the gas storage tank by more than 0.1 MPa;

4, most systems have no frequency conversion machine, there is a general situation that the supply pressure is higher than the demand pressure, and there are a small number of systems with compressor unloading;

5. There is a large pressure difference in the gas delivery pipeline, which increases the operating pressure of the whole system to meet the normal operation of the system end, resulting in huge waste;

The post-processing equipment (cold dryer, filter, etc.) in the system is basically not maintained, and more than 80% of the equipment is in a stagnant state, which not only fails to reach the predetermined water removal target, but also reduces system pressure loss and reduces the passability.

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