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New dry process cement plant equipment lubrication managemen

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The emergence of new dry process cement enterprise full excellent lubrication piping for lubrication management has very important significance, at present is being more and more enterprises to promote, this article mainly from the problems of cement plant equipment lubrication management, studied with former cement enterprises need to focus on several problems of lubrication equipment, and puts forward rationalization proposals, in view of the problems on the interpretation of full excellent lubrication management in detail, hope can give the current large and medium-sized cement enterprise development provides a good reference.

In dry cement plant equipment management, lubrication plays an irreplaceable role, directly determines the production efficiency of the enterprise, has a great impact on the technical indicators.
According to the investigation, nearly one third of the energy of the equipment is consumed by friction during operation, and about 80% of the bad parts are damaged by wear and tear. More than half of the mechanical faults are caused by poor lubrication.
The importance of smoothness is self-evident.

1. Problems existing in equipment lubrication management of dry cement plant

(1) development cannot keep pace with changes.
Generally speaking, it takes about two years to set up a new assembly line, during which new lubricants keep coming out, and the lubrication options provided in the manual of the original equipment have not kept up with the development of lubricants.

(2) at present, all kinds of science and technology development, to produce a batch of high quality, high quality, high load, large size, high speed production equipment, but also brought serious challenges to the lubrication management, management of equipment maintenance also is undergoing major transformation, many original quality performance more general lubricant has far cannot satisfy the needs of the development of the equipment in dire need of the lubricant synchronous development and upgrading.

(3) various varieties.
At present, there are many kinds of cement factory equipment in the market, and the lubricant used by each manufacturer is also different, which brings a very fuzzy understanding to the lubrication management of cement enterprises.
It is necessary to make a reasonable distinction between them, which should be made in the link of setting standards.

(4) there are still some unscientific and non-standard practices.
Some cement production equipment lubrication system during the installation process, not according to the requirements and specifications for a thorough cleaning of the pipes, after the operation, the device will be left in the surface of the pipe, and dirt, trace impurities such as these can have a great influence on lubricant, which seriously affect the sensitivity and service life of the equipment.

2. Lubrication management should focus on issues

2.1 prevent particle wear

Cement production equipment is located in a poor environment, most of the time in the high concentration of dust, wear damage to the equipment is very large, dust during the installation of equipment, closed environment into the dust, some lubricants are also polluted by dust, these equipment in the early running in the life of mechanical equipment is greatly affected.

2.2 lubrication shall be timely and correct

Whether the mechanical lubrication method is correct, whether the time is timely, the impact of wear is very important, at the same time how the maintenance environment, whether the reagent is clean will affect the wear process, so in the work, to do a good job in the replacement of lubricating oil and accessories.
When replacing accessories, be sure to wipe them with a reagent cloth and thoroughly clean them, clean the installation area, and add proper lubricant, so that too much or too little lubricant does not appear.

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