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Introduction of seven components of slag vertical mill

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The slag mill is one of the milling equipment, because it is a large mechanical equipment, so it is very strange to the structure of the internal structure, and then introduce to you:

And the grinding roller can swing with the rocker arm, so that the grinding roller can adapt to the fluctuation load caused by some abnormal materials.

The roller body of the grinding roller body is a casting, and the integral grinding roller leather is fastened by the end face pressing plate and is easy to replace. A replaceable protective plate is arranged on the outer surface of the grinding roller bracket so as to prevent the abrasion of the fluid on the support.

The roller body is fixed on the grinding roller shaft by a double-row conical roller bearing and a double-row cylindrical roller bearing.

The main arm sheath is installed on the main arm of the roller to prevent the wear of the main arm.

The roller bearing is centrally lubricated by the roller lubrication system.

2, disc part:

the cast grinding disk base is mounted on top of the main reducer and combined with bolts and pins to transfer torque. The replaceable disc liner is supported by the grinding disc seat, which is divided into several segments and mounted on the edge of the outer edge of the grinding disc seat. The inner ring grinding plate liner is fixed with a pressure plate. The surface geometry of the segmented disc liner determines the inclination of the roller, that is, the normal of the contact point between the grinding roll arc and the surface of the disc liner is 15 °angle to the vertical direction. A nozzle ring is arranged between the grinding disc and the mill frame body, and the air flow enters the lower part of the nozzle ring through the air inlet of the mill. The ground material is due to the action of the air flow above the air ring and the pressure difference in the grinding cavity, according to the predetermined And the larger proportion of the inclusion material or the iron falls into the lower part of the grinding cavity through the nozzle ring and is out of the scraper feeding machine. The ventilation area of the air ring can be changed by adjusting the radial position of the nozzle ring adjusting plate, that is, the wind speed is changed so as to be suitable for the needs of the materials.

The hot air chamber of the grinding disk is supported on the main support and welded with the main support. The hot air chamber includes two hot air vents and slag discharge vents. The sealing pad of the hot air chamber is sealed with the rotating grinding disk, and the inner side of the hot air chamber is welded with wear-resistant steel plate.

The outer edge of the disc surrounds the material ring, and the material thickness between the roller and the disc can be adjusted by adjusting the height of the ring. The lower surface of the disc is equipped with a scraper, which is convenient to eliminate coarse powder and iron.

3, transmission part:

this part is composed of main motor, spiral bevel gear planet reducer, diaphragm coupling, auxiliary motor reducer and so on. The main motor is three-phase asynchronous motor, and the cooling mode is air-air cooling. The first stage of the spiral bevel gear reducer is the spiral bevel gear, the second stage is the planet gear, the output shaft of the reducer is installed vertically, and several Babbitt alloy thrust bearings are installed under the output shaft. The reducer bears the gravity of the grinding parts and the force generated by the hydraulic system cylinder through the rocker arm component during grinding. The shell of reducer is composed of welding structure. The main motor starts directly through the main reducer to drive the grinding disk to rotate. The coaxial motor reducer is The third stage is cylindrical gear drive. The coaxial motor reducer drives the main motor slowly by surpassing the clutch, thus driving the grinding disk slowly. For grinding disk maintenance, liner surfacing welding.

4, separator department:

the mill is equipped with dynamic and static separator to meet the wider fineness requirements. The separator is mounted on the top of the housing and has a rotating impeller body. The rotating blade is driven by the variable frequency speed regulating motor, the reducer transmission realizes stepless speed change, and the speed of the separator is adjusted by the variable frequency speed regulating motor. In operation, the higher the speed of the separator, the finer the particle size, and vice versa. However, due to the influence of temperature, humidity, wind pressure and other factors in the grinding cavity, it is impossible to find out a corresponding relationship between rotating speed and particle size before trial operation, which can only be obtained gradually during trial operation.

The main shaft of the separator is provided with two self-aligning roller bearings and a thrust bearing, and is provided with a bearing temperature measuring device. Because the inner part of the transmission supporting part is in a sealed state, the bearing is not provided with a dust cover, and the lower end of the driving part of the separator is sealed with a pressure difference of the atmospheric pressure and the negative pressure in the grinding cavity. The bearings of the transmission part are lubricated by the grease supplied by the electric dry oil pump.

the inner wall of the frame of the separator is provided with a wear-resistant lining plate for preventing the material from scouring and welding,

5. Hydraulic system:

This part has eight functions. The roller is the front lifting roller before startup, the roller stops waiting for feeding, and the roller descends. The roller is loaded, working normally, pressure is reduced during operation, the pressure is raised during operation, the roller is lifted slowly after the feeding stops, the roller is lifted quickly after the feeding stops, the lifting roller is kept high after the feeding stops, and the roller is lowered by the self-weight. When grinding the material is compacted, the preload of the grinding roller is applied by the hydraulic system. The force of the hydraulic cylinder is transmitted to the grinding roller through the rocker arm. The force of the grinding roller acts on the material between the roller and the disc, and the accumulator is installed on the hydraulic cylinder for buffering.

When the mill starts, lift the grinding roll to realize no-load start. After starting the main motor of the mill, the feeding belt scale begins to feed and sends out the feeding signal. At this time, the roller begins to drop, and after the grinding roll drops to the working position, the hydraulic cylinder has rod cavity pressure. When the pressure reaches the set value, the hydraulic pump stops and starts grinding. During the maintenance of the equipment, the hydraulic system maintenance cylinder works to lift the roller group pendulum mill.

6, sealing air part:

the function of sealing air part is to prevent dust from falling into roller bearing. The sealed air produced by the fan is introduced into the roller bearing through the pipeline mounted on the top of the rack, and a hose is installed in the air guide line to prevent the displacement of the roller from affecting the rigid connection. Because of the negative pressure inside the mill, the sealing gas spills from the circular sealing area, which prevents the dust from entering the moving bearing parts.

7. the frame part is composed of the frame body of the welding structure,

the connection of the frame body is welded on the spot, and the frame is equipped with maintenance door, repair door, four water spray devices and eight scraping plates arranged equally, the lower part of the frame is welded with the foundation, the upper part is bolted and the separator is used, and the wear resistant layer is arranged on the inner wall of the frame in order to prevent the material from scouring when the mill works.

The access door is combined with the frame body by a bolt, the access door is removed, and the grinding roller can swing out of the frame body. The access door is provided with a soft connection, which is suitable for the motion of the grinding roller.

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