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New material for repairing bearing position of cement Roller

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The roller press is an important equipment in the cement grinding industry. It is subject to material and operating conditions, and the factors of operating conditions. The roller press has the problems of excessive vibration, high pressure, low efficiency, and insufficient lubrication and control. The problem of excessive vibration, which is often seemingly simple, is hidden with significant potential safety hazards. The increase of vibration not only affects the overall production of the roller press, but also seriously affects the bearing and bearing position of the roller.

The causes and analysis of bearing wear of roller compressor are as follows:

(1) Machining accuracy and fitting tolerance of taper shaft

In machining technology, no matter what machining method is used to process the surface of the part is not absolutely smooth, all the surface of the part has its own surface texture. Usually, the matching area should not be less than 75% in machining, and the surface texture is deviated from the standard surface, which comes from roughness, defects and waviness. Effect of machining accuracy on components:

(2) Material particles or foreign matter

The particle size of the roller press is not controlled effectively, the diameter of the particle is too large, the feed is uneven, the long-term deviation of the roll gap is large, and the deviation correction frequently leads to the overload of the bearing. The metal or super hard material enters the roller press frequently, and all the super-large reaction force produced in the extrusion of the is carried on the bearing itself, which has a fundamental impact on the life of the bearing. At the same time, the reaction force impinges the bearing position, which makes the shaft metal fatigue and the bearing inner ring to form a gap.

(III) inadequate inspection and maintenance

The operation of the equipment not only needs regular maintenance, but also needs the usual inspection and maintenance to deal with the problems in time, so as to reduce the maintenance rate of the equipment. Due to the bad working environment of roller press, the blockage of oil injection hole and the wear of seal, dust or water enters the bearing, which leads to the lack of lubrication and overheating and burning of the bearing. The pre-tightening force of bearing fastening bolt and the secondary fastening of bolt after equipment operation will affect the coordination between bearing and bearing position.

The running temperature and vibration value of the bearing position of the roller press will not increase significantly, and the most obvious feature is that the bearing fastening bolt is broken frequently and the roller is moving. At present, the bearing of the roller press and the shaft are generally in taper fit, and when the bearing position has just been worn out, the bolt can be tightened in time or emergency measures are taken, and the continuous operation condition can be met after the pre-tightening force is reached.

(1) Emergency measures for bearing position wear of roller compressor

When the bearing position of roller compressor is slightly worn out, the fastening bolt should be replaced in time, and the bearing clearance should be detected, and the axial position of bearing should be fixed according to the clearance. When the bearing is parallel to the shaft end surface and the bearing has no pretightening force, the bearing ring should be turned, which has achieved the purpose of pretightening the inner ring of the bearing. Then use these emergency measures to start the operation stage, make maintenance plan.

(2) The traditional replacement of the roller or the return factory

The stock of the roller is kept by the roller press. For the same type of equipment of the group enterprise, the standby roller is generally kept in case. However, the spare parts of special equipment or non-common equipment are difficult to complete. Not only is the rush space occupied, but also a large amount of money is occupied.

The roller press has a relatively long service period for the roller return factory, and the feasibility of returning to the factory after the production task is tight is difficult to realize.

(3) On-line repair of bearing position of roller press

Repair welding, on-line repair is for the purpose of rapid recovery production, to avoid joint and several losses caused by shutdown. On-line repair can use professional mobile equipment to repair parts of the vehicle, grinding and other processing as well as manual grinding. Professional equipment repair, its repair cost is particularly high, or even exceed the price of the damaged equipment itself.

Artificial grinding, provided that the repair part has an unworn datum, based on the unworn part, the pre-processed module is used for manual grinding. When using this technology to repair welding, the necessary weldability protection must be taken to avoid reducing the influence of overheating or stress. The repair process is difficult and the repair time is long, and the contact surface after repair is difficult to reach more than 70%.

(4) on-line repair technology of Sorey carbon nanopolymer materials

Solay carbon nanopolymer material is a kind of (cold welding) bonding technology, which is the bond property, compressive property and metal property of carbon nanopolymer material to repair the wear component size, which has been restored to its original function. Its characteristics are as follows:

1. Carbon nanopolymer materials have metal properties and strength after curing, which can realize turning, milling, planing and grinding.

2. There is no thermal stress and will not damage the parts;

3. Widely used, no restrictions on metal materials;

4. As long as the components can carry the original strength, the repair thickness is not limited, from 0.01mm to a few cm;

5. Online repair, simple and convenient operation;

6. The operation process is randomly established, and the repair measures shall be formulated according to the equipment problem;

the carbon nano-polymer material has the strength and the hardness required by the metal, and the back-off property of the metal is not provided, so that the size of the repair part and 100% of the contact area of the matching part can be ensured to the maximum extent, due to the fact that the soft structure can be completely filled in the gaps such as rough, defect and ripple in the processing surface before the material is cured, the impact of the external force can be effectively absorbed by the comprehensive advantages of the compression resistance, the bending resistance, the extension rate and the like of the material, the radial impact force of the bearing on the shaft is greatly reduced and the possibility of the clearance is avoided, and the relative movement caused by the increase of the bearing and the shaft clearance is avoided, Wear.

The Wear and Repair of the Bearing in the Roller Press

1. According to the drawing or measurement standard size processing standard caliper, it is best to use wire cutting machining;

2. The auxiliary positioning point process is adopted.

3. Trial assembly of bearing, check the fit size after repair and control the axial positioning of bearing;

4. Apply SD7000 release agent to the inner ring of the bearing and set aside;

5. The surface treatment, in order to better bond, the surface of the wear part must be cleaned, ground, dried, grease, etc. First, the repair site is roasted and deoiling by using the acetylene gun until the oil trace is carbonized;

6. Coating Sorey carbon nanopolymer SD7101 material and scraping size;

7. Install the bearing and position it in the axial direction;

8. After the material is cured, remove the bearing to check the repair dimensions;

Fasten the bearing as required and measure the bearing clearance

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