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Relationship between low cement grinding yield and equipment

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1. The relationship between yield and grinding body

When cement grinding equipment appears low output, product fineness coarse, it indicates that the loading of grinding body is insufficient or grinding body abrasion is too large, at this time, grinding body should be added.

When the output of cement powder mill is not high, the product fineness is coarse, it indicates that the material flow rate in the mill is too fast, the grinding ability is too strong, and the grinding ability is not enough, which is caused by the too large average ball diameter.At this time should be appropriate to reduce the large ball, increase the ball and exercise to improve the grinding ability, reduce the gap between the grinding body so that the material in the mill velocity slowed down, extend the material in the grinding time, in order to get full grinding.When a bin is often full of grinding and grinding material flow is not smooth, at the same time the output is low, the product fineness is fine, sometimes have to stop feeding, indicating cement powder grinding capacity is insufficient, this is to increase the large ball, cancel part of the ball, to increase the crushing capacity of a bin.But we should pay attention to other factors, if the grinding material moisture too much and caused by the full wear phenomenon, can not take the method of increasing autumn, and should control the material moisture.If the mill yield is high and the product fineness is fine, the loading and gradation of grinding body are reasonable.

Judging by grinding sound:

In the case of normal feeding, the impact of the steel ball in the first bin is strong and noisy. If the impact sound of the steel ball in the first bin is particularly loud, it indicates that the average ball diameter of the steel ball in the first bin is too large or the filling rate is large.If the sound is muffled, it indicates that the average ball diameter of the first bin steel ball is too small or the filling rate is too low. At this time, the average ball diameter and filling rate of the steel ball should be increased.The second bin can hear the grinding body brushing sound when normal.

Check materials inside cement grinding mill:

Under the normal feeding condition of the mill, stop the feeding and mill operation at the same time, open the grinding door and observe the situation of the ball mill inside the mill.

According to production experience, the steel ball in the first bin should be exposed to half of the steel ball and the material surface, and the abrasive body in the second bin should be covered with 10-20mm thin material layer, indicating that the grading of steel ball is reasonable.If there is too much exposed steel ball in the warehouse, the loading capacity is too large or the average ball diameter of steel ball is too large.On the contrary, it indicates that the loading capacity is too small or the average ball diameter is too small.The ball material is small, the material velocity is slow, the crushing ability is insufficient.The same principle as the two bin spherical exposure, add autumn too much, if the two bin material layer is too thick, that the ball is too little.

2. The relationship between circulating load rate and powder selection efficiency

Powder selection efficiency is related to cycle load.For the same grinding system, the effect of cement grinding equipment increases with the increase of circulating load, and with the improvement of powder selection efficiency.And the efficiency of powder selection decreases with the increase of cycle load. Therefore, the efficiency of powder selection cannot be unilaterally pursued, nor can the cycle load be excessively improved.It is necessary to improve the efficiency of powder selection under proper cyclic load to effectively provide high grinding efficiency.

Cement granule is a kind of artificial granule. The aggregate granule of cement has two characteristics of high specific surface area and high dispersion.The general expression of powdery state of cement: grinding degree, particle distribution and particle shape.

Fineness of cement:

The particle size of cement is the fineness of cement, which directly affects a series of physical properties such as setting, hydration, hardening and degree of cement.

Effect of cement fineness:

One of the parameters of cement grinding process.As we all know, under the condition of stable composition of cement clinker, for cement grinding, in order to achieve the stability of cement quality, it is through the change of cement fineness to investigate the feed volume, air volume and other grinding process parameters.At the same time, the finer the cement mill is, the better its hydration performance will be. However, through the design and control of cement fineness in the actual production process, the balance between the main grinding effect and grinding cost can be achieved.Through fineness and reasonable control, not only the quality of cement can be improved stably, but also has practical significance for energy saving and consumption reduction. Therefore, fineness is the technological parameter of cement grinding.Adjust the performance of cement.The finer the cement is ground, the faster the hydration rate and the higher the strength. However, the corresponding negative effects are increased demand for cement, increased dry shrinkage and poor construction performance.In the case of fixed clinker ore composition and cement composition, these can only be adjusted by cement fineness within a certain range.

There are several representations of average particle size:

Such as arithmetic mean diameter, geometric mean diameter, harmonic mean diameter and so on.The average particle size of cement particles is an important geometric parameter to characterize the cement particle system, but the particle size characteristic information is very limited, because two particle groups with the same average particle size may have different particle size composition.

Particle size distribution of cement:

It is well known that the properties of cement sometimes differ greatly even if the sieving fineness is the same or the specific surface area is similar.The reason is that the size distribution may be different, so it is of great significance to study the symbol of cement size and explore a more accurate quantitative relationship with cement strength.

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