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9 kinds of faults and solutions for rod mills!

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The rod mill is named after the grinding body is filled with steel rods. The rod mill is generally a wet overflow type, which can be used as a first-stage open grinding, widely used in artificial stone sand, concentrating plants, chemical industry. Factory power department. In the production process, it is inevitable that failure will occur. It is very important to deal with the failures, restore production and reduce losses in a timely manner.

1 main bearing is hot, there is abnormal sound, the motor is overloaded

possible reason:

1. poor lubrication;

2. Enter the sediment in the main bearing;

3. Bearing crushing;

4. The main bearing is not installed correctly;

5. Too much or insufficient minerals.


1. Add grease;

2. Clean the bearing to replace the grease;

3. Replace the bearing to adjust the amount of minerals.

2 transmission motor power supply is unstable or too high

possible reason:

1. The feeder is loose;

2. The main bearing is poorly lubricated;

3. The concentration of ore discharge is too high;

4. The weight of the liner around the cylinder is unbalanced or unevenly worn;

5. Excessive wear of the gears;

6. The motor circuit is faulty.


1. Tighten the feeder to improve lubrication;

2. Adjust the operation to replace the liner;

3. Replace the repair gear;

4. Eliminate electrical faults.

3 rod mill has vibration phenomenon

possible reason:

1. The gear mesh is not well meshed or worn too much;

2. The anchor screw or bearing screw is loose;

3. The large gear connecting bolt or the split bolt is loose;

4. The drive bearing wears too much.


1. Adjust the gear clearance;

2. Tighten the loose bolts;

3. Replace the drive bearing.

4 rod mills occasionally suddenly have strong vibrations and impacts

possible reason:

1. Foreign matter is mixed between the large and small gears;

2. The pinion is loose;

3. The gear is broken;

4. The bearing or the screw fixed on the foundation is loose.


1. Eliminate foreign objects;

2. Replace the gear;

3. Tighten the bolts.

5 there is leakage at the junction between the end cap and the barrel

possible reason:

1. The connecting bolt is loose and the pin is too long;

2. The lining screws are loose, the gasket is worn or the screws are broken.


Tighten and replace the bolts and tighten the locating pins to replace the seals.

6 steel rods

The bar of the rod mill steel bar is divided into several cases:

First, just placed the steel bar, after a day or two, there was a mess.

the reason:

Whether the first check cylinder is deformed,

Second check whether the motor voltage is stable

What is the gap between the third gear and how big is the vibration of the bearing bush?

The second case is when there is a mess after running for a long time.

the reason:

The material of the steel bar is selected incorrectly, the hardness is low, and it is not wear-resistant. A heat-treated steel bar can be used.


1. Check if the mill is installed with any problems, such as loose screws or uneven water level.

2. Control the feed fineness of the material to keep the material particles even.

3. Using a heat-treated steel bar, the hardness of one end is high, the hardness of one end is slightly lower, and the one with high hardness is placed at the feed port.

4. Use scientific steel rods to match the grinding, try to avoid the use of multi-standard steel rods.

5. Pick out the small diameter rods at intervals to avoid affecting the rods or production.

7 steel rod broken rod

Steel bar itself causes fracture

1. Corrosion of the steel rod by the additive;

2. The steel bar wears too thin and is not removed in time;

3. The steel bar material does not meet the requirements;

4. If the amount of the rod is too small or the feed is too much, the steel rod is seriously worn and the strength is damaged.

Steel bar breaks after bending

1. The raw material particle size is too large;

2. The number of mill interrupt bars is too large;

3. The number of maintenance of the mill is too small. The waste rod is not drawn out and causes the rod to wrap and wrap around the rod.

Disordered steel bars cause breakage

1. The rubber bead itself is not strong enough;

2. The inner part of the mill falls off;

3. There are iron or other hard foreign objects in the raw materials;

4. The operation of the mill is not standardized when starting and stopping.

8 noise is too big

possible reason:

1. The size of the gear is not well meshed;

2. The amount of lubricating oil on the mating surface is insufficient;

3. The large gear bolt is loose;

4. The large gear touches the protective cover.


1. Adjust the gear meshing clearance;

2. Check the dry oil injection system;

3. Emergency stop, tightening bolts;

4. Emergency stop, repair the protective cover.

9 internal impact sound

possible reason:

1. The amount of feed is too small;

2. The liner is detached;

3. There are too many steel bars;

4. Strange.


1. Increase the amount of feed;

2. Emergency stop, fixed lining;

3. Adjust the amount of steel rod;

4. Emergency stop, adjustment.

Routine maintenance of the rod mill

Start, operate, stop and control various technical indicators in strict accordance with the operating procedures, and make a record.

Follow the prescribed route, content, and time inspection;

Strictly implement the “equipment lubrication management system” to replenish the lubricating oil according to the regulations, and when the oil quality is not satisfactory, the lubricating oil should be replaced;

Check the oil pump and lubrication control system on time to keep the oil pressure within the specified range;

Check the bearing temperature on time and make a record;

Check the connection parts for abnormal noise on time, find the abnormality and find the cause in time, and handle it;

There is no effluent phenomenon in the feeding and discharging end of the equipment and the equipment body;

When the winter is deactivated, the cooling water should be drained and antifreeze should be done;

When deactivated for a long time, the high pressure oil pump should drive for four minutes at regular intervals. When parking for a long time, the steel rod should be poured out and the drive should be driven slowly at intervals to avoid deformation of the cylinder.

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