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Rod mill use and performance characteristics

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The rod mill is named after the grinding body is filled with steel rods. The rod mill is generally a wet overflow type, which can be used as a first-stage open grinding, widely used in artificial stone sand, concentrating plants, chemical industry. First-grade grinding in the power sector of the plant. Below, everyone and Xiaobian to understand its use and performance characteristics.

First, the use of rod mill

1. The re-election or magnetic separation plant of tungsten-tin ore and other rare metal ores, in order to prevent the damage caused by over-grinding, rod grinding is often used;

2. When using the two-stage grinding process, if the first section is ground from 20 to 6 mm to 3 to 1 mm, the rod grinding is used as the first section of the grinding equipment, the production capacity is larger and the efficiency is higher. Since the bar-to-charge ratio of a certain weight is much smaller than the surface area of ​​the weight ball, the efficiency and efficiency of the bar mill is lower than that of the ball mill in the second stage of fine grinding;

3, in some cases can be used to replace the short-head cone crusher for fine crushing. When dealing with softer or less hard ores (especially viscous ores), grinding a 19-25 mm (or even 32 mm) ore to a 6-10 mesh with a rod mill than with a short cone cone The machine and the screen are simple in configuration and low in cost, and can simplify the dust removal in the crushing workshop. For hard ore, it may be economical to use a short-head conical crusher and a screen to close the road. In the design, the choice of ball milling or rod grinding, must be based on specific circumstances to compare the program to determine.

Rod mills are widely used in metal and non-metal mines and water conservancy, and the building materials sector grinds various ores or rocks.

Second, the performance characteristics of the rod mill

1. The rod mill usually uses a steel rod with a diameter of 50-100 mm as a grinding medium, and the ball mill uses a steel ball as a grinding medium. The length of the steel rod is 25-50mm shorter than that of the cylinder, and is usually made of high carbon steel containing 0.8%-1% carbon. The loading amount of the rod is about 35%-45% of the effective volume of the rod mill. When observed with the naked eye, The horizontal plane of the rod is about 100-200 mm below the centerline of the barrel.

2. The ratio of the length of the rod mill to the diameter is generally 1.5-2.0, and the inner surface of the liner on the end cap should be a vertical plane. The purpose is to prevent and reduce the chaotic movement, bending and breaking of the steel rod in the cylinder to ensure that the steel rod moves regularly. The ratio of the barrel length to the diameter of the ball mill is small, and in most cases the ratio is only slightly greater than one.

3. The rod mill does not use grid plate for mine discharge, but uses overflow type and open type discharge; the diameter of the hollow journal of the discharge end is generally larger than that of the same size ball mill. The rotation speed of the barrel mill should be lower than the working speed of the ball mill of the same specification, so that the medium inside is in the sloping state.

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