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How to choose the right ball mill?

When the concentrator is initially built, it is necessary to design the position of each kind of equipment and the required floor area, so it is necessary to choose the type and quantity of equipment in advance.The ball mill is an indispensable equipment in every concentrator, and the grinding operation is the last step before separation.How to choose the right ball mill has become an inevitable problem to be faced in the early stage of plant selection.

1. Selection method of ball mill in concentrator

The choice of ball mill seems simple, but in fact it is not, we have to consider the nature of raw ore, mineral processing yield, equipment performance, parameters and other factors, in order to choose the right ball mill equipment.Each of these four areas is presented here to help you choose the right and appropriate device.

2. Nature of raw ore

The nature of the raw ore mainly refers to the hardness of the ore, and the hardness of the ore determines the selection of the barrel diameter and length of the ball mill. For the fragile minerals with small hardness, the barrel diameter can be selected according to the daily output.For the hardness of refractory ore, it needs a ball mill with large barrel diameter to increase the space in the barrel and strengthen the grinding effect of the grinding medium on the mineral. In terms of length, it should also choose a longer barrel to increase the grinding time, so as to make the material particle size reach the standard quickly and avoid repeated rework.

3. Mineral processing yield

Mineral processing output, production capacity and mill size should be the main factors in choosing mill ball mill, the other conditions can be considered in the second place.Selection of the ball mill producing below mill plant scale may delay the construction period, and even affect the subsequent assignments, and choose above mill plant scale production of ball mill, will cause unnecessary waste, on the other hand, considering such as complex even when the choice, secondary magntic middlings and tailings to grinding, gravity separation-high again coarse grinding, fine grinding, and so on and so forth, all need to extract the reasonable planning.

4. Equipment performance

The choice of equipment performance, first consider whether to adapt to mineral processing technology and scale, such as some agents or minerals, may be easy to oxidation or corrosive, this case to choose silica ball, ceramic ball, ceramic liner, rubber liner, etc.

5. Parameter value

Before choosing ball mill type, according to the process of mill scale and calculated roughly to the effective volume of the ball mill, the best speed, capacity, maximum loading amount, motor power, etc., in combination with professional manufacturer of ball mill, the technical parameters of numerical given reference comparison, choose a suitable model, in addition, also need to consider when the choice to wear and tear on fittings such as plate, steel ball.

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