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5 practical ways to reduce ball mill noise

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Ball mill, as an indispensable grinding equipment in mineral processing, brings economic benefits to the separation plant. Ball mill is mainly used for grinding materials in the industrial production process. Because of the large volume and tonnage weight of the ball mill, the noise in the production process is relatively large, and the noise is generally above 95dB (A), which can exceed 1MdB (A), as one of the strong noise in industrial production at present. Seriously affecting the physical and mental health of staff, reducing the noise of ball mill needs to be solved urgently.

Noise source of ball mill

The main source of the noise of the ball mill is the mechanical noise generated by the steel ball in the drum and the lining of the cylinder wall and the material to be processed. The sound is radiated outward along the lining plate, the cylinder wall and the inlet and outlet port, and comprises the impact sound of the material, the impact sound between the steel ball and the steel ball, the steel ball and the inner lining steel plate and the friction sound. In addition, there are the sound emitted by the motor, the vibration noise of the transmission machine during the operation of the equipment, etc.

The method of reducing the noise of Ball Mill


1. Install the gear correctly.

During the installation of the ball mill, special attention is paid to the installation of the gear, so that the coincidence degree, the gap and the modulus of the gear are controlled within a reasonable error range, and the error not only causes great noise, It is also possible to influence the operation of the ball mill.

2, ball mill cylinder body external sound insulation cover or damping sound insulation layer

The collision between the liner and the material and grinding medium will make noise, the solution is that the sound insulation cover can be installed in the cylinder body, but the sound insulation cover also has disadvantages, which will affect the ventilation and heat dissipation, and also bring trouble to the later maintenance and maintenance, while the damping sound insulation layer avoids this problem. The specific operation method is to make a floating hoop damping sound insulation sleeve on the cylinder shell, and to wrap the cylinder with a damping sound insulation layer. Can reduce noise 12~15dB (A).


At present, there are three kinds of sound insulation material market for ball mill: sound insulation cover, sound insulation sleeve and sound insulation screen. Their materials, structural forms and advantages are as follows:

One, the soundproof cover.

Structure form: cover seal type, divided into fixed type and movable type.

Composition: composed of observation window, radiator and movable door.

Material: stainless steel, manganese steel, iron, etc.

Advantages: simple design, simple installation, good sound insulation effect.

The invention has the defects that the occupied area is large, which is equivalent to the whole cement ball mill and the speed reducer, the motor is placed under the cover body, the site planning is influenced, the use time is too long, the material powder is accumulated, the engineering is larger during the change, and the whole cement ball mill and the speed reducer are required to be completely replaced and inconvenient.

2. Sound insulation sleeve.

Structure form: multi-layer, wrapped in the outside of cement ball mill grinding cylinder.

Material: heat-resistant material.

Advantages: easy to install, noise reduction up to 15 × 25db, and heat insulation effect at the same time.

Third, sound insulation screen

Structure: fixed and movable.

Material: light and thin material, porous sound absorption material is the most.

Advantages: special materials can accept smaller sound, for low frequency and high noise isolation effect.

3. Selection of liner

In the selection of liner, using rubber liner instead of manganese steel liner can reduce the impact noise of cylinder. This noise reduction method is very practical, but the life of rubber liner has always been discussed.

4. an elastic cushion is installed between the inner wall of the cylinder and the liner

An elastic cushion layer is additionally arranged between the inner wall of the cylinder and the lining plate, so as to smooth the waveform of the impact force of the steel ball on the lining plate, reduce the vibration amplitude of the simple wall and reduce the acoustic radiation, and the noise can be reduced by about 10 dB (A) by adopting the method.

5. Check the lubrication system on a regular basis

Check the lubrication system regularly and add lubricating oil regularly. If the lubrication work is not done seriously, it is likely to increase the friction of gear and bring noise.

On the whole, there are two ways to reduce noise in ball mill: one is to control the propagation of sound; the other is to start from the source of noise. The noise in the equipment operation is reduced, which creates a better working environment for the users, which can make the production of the equipment more continuous and efficient, and bring great benefits to the production.

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