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Complete equipment of cement Causes and Prevention of Broken

  Lvssn sandy will introduce you to Complete equipment of cement .There are many reasons for the breakage of the grinding bolts. There are several main reasons for this.

  Firstly, quality problem. When the bolt is in machining, there are defects such as the thread is too deep, the screw has the knives, the head and the screw are not perpendicular, and the cross-section stress increases when the thread is too deep; the tool marks cause stress concentration; the screw Non-perpendicular to the end face will cause the bolt to be stressed on one side, increase the local stress, etc. These defects will inevitably overload the bolt locally. When it exceeds its strength limit, the bolt will crack.

  Secondly, improper installation will also cause bolt breakage. If the bolt head and the lining pit are not in good contact and are not compact, the bolt will be stressed on one side or part, and the local stress will increase, which will easily break the bolt; If the contact with the grinding body is not good, the bolt will be forced on one side and cause breakage. Of course, the irregular thickness of the mat is also uneven.

  Third, excessive preload will also promote the breakage of the bolt, especially when the bolt is partially stressed.

  Fourth, the lining hole and the bolt hole of the grinding body are not concentric, and the deviation is severe. When the bolt is hit hard, the cylinder or the lining will cause damage to the screw, such as scratching, abrasion, etc., making the bolt easy fracture.

  In order to avoid or reduce the breakage of the grinding bolt, it can be prevented from the following aspects:

  First of all, the quality should be strictly controlled. For the bolts found to be defective in the acceptance, such as the wrong materials, rough processing, cracks, and irregular bolts, the bolts should be stored separately. It is strictly forbidden to enter the production line.


  Secondly, the nut must be ensured to be solid with the cylinder as a whole; the bolt head and the lining of the lining are true, and the affected parts are trimmed, and the hammer and the bolt head are guaranteed to be hammered. At the same time, pay attention to the coincidence degree between the screw hole and the screw hole of the lining to prevent damage to the bolt; pre-tighten the bolt according to the standard requirements to prevent over-tightening.

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