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Development status of the new dry production process of ceme

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In the 1990s, the new dry production process of cement clinker came into being on the international. It is a new precalcining cement technique which gives priority to precalcining kiln technology. To put it simply, that is to carry out decomposition calcinations on all the raw materials for cement clinker production. The new dry process cement technique can greatly improve the production efficiency of cement and extend the applicable range of raw materials. Besides, compared with the wet process for cement clinker production, the dry process has a lower pollution to the air, conductive to sustainable development.

So far, in the new dry production process of cement clinker, the maximum capacity of rotary kiln has been up to 12000 tons per day, but its power consumption descends to 90 KWH. At present, the common installed capacity ranges from 1000 t/d to 8000t/d. The automation degree of the new precalcining cement technique has also been significantly improved, which greatly saves human resources and ensures the stability and reliability of product quality.

The dry cement clinker production process is added with precalcining kiln and rotary kiln technologies when contrasting with the original production process. In addition, the dry process usually adopts the equipment with high crushing ratio, such as the jaw crusher, single stage crusher, Raymond mill and etc.

In recent years, the wet cement clinker production technology with backward production capacity has been basically eliminated and the dry process for cement clinker production has also been popularized throughout our country. We should continue to strengthen the technical development, automatism construction and the research and development of major machinery and equipment. The dry process cement clinker production technique plays an important role in promoting the reuse of construction waste.

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