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Brief introduction to the development course of clinker prod

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Based on the current developmental situations, our nation will put forward the specific requirements, development and goal for vertical clinker. At the period of historic transformation, for some clinker worker, it is not only an opportunity, but also a great challenge. We have no choice, but grasp this chance and meet challenge; otherwise, we will be obsoleted seriously. The implementation of our country’s industry policy makes the vertical clinker plant face three outlets, firstly, it is out of the game, and switch to bulk clinker station, grinding station, and clinker products manufacturer; secondly, it is to introduce new technology, and adhere to technical progress, also coexist with new dry method; thirdly, it is to exchange new dry process kiln with vertical kiln and generally join the new dry method.

It has hundreds of history that people’s observation for and clinkers ingredients. When the construction emerged in the early period of 19 century, clinker production has attracted people’s eyes. Reynolds once made predications from theory;People discovered that the properties of clinker making equipment worsened notably with the cellular damage of clinker ingredients. In order to develop high-performance ships, we have to research the generating and development process.

Many industrialized countries begin to develop big capacity around the world that can emulate the practical working condition. Because the problem of clinker ingredients is very complicated, much work still rests on the observation for various parameters’ influence on experimental results and the damage of material microstructure and clinker ingredients. By now, we still do not develop relatively complete physical model and mathematical expression. The machine of clinker production line is similar to clinker ingredients.

At present, a group of science and technology project personnel are contribute to the clinker research, and they summarize laws, and set up models and accumulate data from massive experiments, in order to settle the problem of clinker grinding wear under more complicated working conditions, they summarize experience from design, material selection and anti-clinker grinding treatment process.

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